3 Blogging Tools That Will Make You SUPER Productive

Blogging is a hobby that can bring us a really phenomenal profit … Many people decide for this hobby in these modern times of the Internet.

(But the fact is that many people never become successful at it.)

The main reason for the failure is that many do not even know what to do with their blog. Because of the lack of knowledge, beginner bloggers waste a lot of their time and money on unsuccessful projects.

They abandon blogging, even before they can figure out how to blog properly in order to earn money.

Anyways… If you do not want to be one of them, we suggest you start blogging in a different way than most people do.

First and foremost, you need to decide to blog, not just for earnings, but to help other people with your knowledge.

Choose a theme for your blog that you actually enjoy. – (This is what will bring you a great advantage over others.)

If you want to become 5 times more productive than other bloggers, start using these 3 blogging tools!

blogging tools that will make you better at blogging


1.Pathway to passive:

Pathway to passive is one of the best books on the topic of blogging and earning money. It is suitable for beginners and experienced bloggers as well.

The book accurately presents what needs to be done to set up a profitable blog. Everything is described in a detailed way.

That’s why beginner bloggers who will read the Pathway to passive book save months on learning how to set up a successful blog.

When experienced bloggers read the book, they will learn about their blogging mistakes and how to solve them in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Here you will learn everything else you need to know about Pathway to passive book.

Notice: (Purchase the book if you want to save months when studying on how to set up a profitable blog. The book is written in a beginner friendly way and can be read in two hours.)

2.Affiliate programs:

Affiliate programs are another indispensable tool for all bloggers. They allow bloggers to get regular earnings online.

Nowadays, there are a lot of different affiliate programs online that we can join for free. To join, we must be at least 18 years old and own 1 blog.

When joining any affiliate program we have the opportunity to earn an immediate earning. If we set up our blog properly, as described in the Pathway to passive book, earnings are pretty much guaranteed.

Affiliate programs allow us to get one of the best online earnings. This earning can become our primary one.

Here you will learn everything else you need to know about Affiliate programs.

(Blogging and working with affiliate programs are for those individuals who are looking for real online earnings. This is not a method of earning that does not work. This is however one and only real work on the web.)


SiteGround is a company that offers us all the tools for quality hosting of our blog. We all know that quality hosting is something all bloggers need.

If we want to be successful in blogging, good quality hosting should be a priority. This is what helps us build a blog without complications.

Besides SiteGround, there are many other companies on the market today that offer us hosting and tools to set up our blog. (But you should know that they do not all provide the best quality).

SiteGround is one of the companies you can trust. With them, setting up your blog will be easy and fun. Your blog will work fast and impress you and your online visitors.

Here you will learn everything else you need to know about SiteGround.

(Register SiteGround hosting if you would like to have all the tools, that will help you set up your blog easily and fast. With SiteGround you can start setting up your blog today.)

That’s it!

You’ve just learned about 3 blogging tools that can help you become more productive.

If you want to become successful in blogging, make sure you blog is set up to a topic that interests you at least a little.

If you manage to do this, you will soon see that you have transformed from a beginner to a true expert within one month or two.

…In the end, remember that we are never too old for education. (If you want to achieve what others cannot do, work smarter and not more.)

Because the best feeling in the world is when you finally know that you have made a right step in the right direction and by doing so, you have enabled your future with everything you previously thought was unachievable!


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