About Me



My story:

Blogging became my favorite hobby and the best job. I started working online about seven years ago and had no experience at the time. I just had some basic knowledge about computer but now I own more than 5 successful websites. I gained a lot of knowledge in the field during those years and also spent a lot of money on all of my mistakes. I had patience and persistence. I am not sorry about anything that I went through as blogging enabled me to quit my full-time job. Blogging is a business that is perfect for me. I started to enjoy work. I reach better results every single day and the best part of a job like this is a lot of spare time to enjoy myself.

In my spare time, I like to play badminton and love ice skating:

And also I really love nature:

My current life goal is to use this website to share all of my knowledge. I want to reveal all of it to you by using the newsletter and the website itself. I also created advanced contents that will help you learn. You can be sure that I always try to create the best content and I am sure that we will succeed together.