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The articles on our website and email newsletter – The correct use:

Information received through our website and/or our newsletter can be used in informative and educational manner. Our website and newsletter contain different themes of content as we’re trying to write about everything that we can do in our lives.

We’re not experts but individuals with certain life experience. We try to do our best to ensure that the information we post is accurate but as everywhere, it sometimes happens that you discover certain information, that is not current anymore. In this case or any other, it may happen that the information is a false one.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of all of the information. Our website can be used for informational purposes but you should never take anything as a professional advice. If you’re searching for a professional we suggest that you find people with relevant knowledge and education.

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Some services also require certain work and education. If you do not work hard enough you must know that all you will have in the end will be financial and time loss or any loss of other kind. Our website is in no way responsible for the loss and cannot be held responsible.

You must know that our website and newsletter are informational only. We cannot work instead of you and also can’t make any decisions. In the end, decision is yours. The choice of service can improve your life but that can never be guaranteed. You must know that nowadays only those, who work hard enough and are patient, can achieve true success online.

There are plenty of materials available on our website and in our email marketing, which can be viewed either in text, image, video, or in any other format. You have to know that our website co-operates with several partners, for this reason some of material available on our website or that you get in email marketing could be paid promotional material.

To ensure best possible experience for our users, we are continually working on improving ourselves and are always providing you with quality content.

However, we are not professionals in every possible field, therefore it is possible that you might receive false information on data in our email marketing.

Our website and email marketing can be used for informational purposes. All the information provided in email marketing and on our website should not be considered as professional opinion. If you wish to receive special sort of information, that is accurate and from certain field of work, you should contact qualified professional. The person contacted should have formal education from this field or work.

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Any copying of content is strictly forbidden. The content of our web pages and email news is our property or the property of our partners with whom we work. Pictures, videos, banners and text can be used for informational purposes only. In case of misuse of content such as copying, many companies are harmed and we constantly work with our partners to ensure no misuse occurs. If it does occur, we are ready to use all competent authorities to remove copyrighted content from the web according to law. When a major violation occurs we will initiate a criminal proceeding. Such infringements are taken very seriously and, in such cases we also cooperate with our lawyers to fairly process the proceeding with a set compensation, that was caused by violating use of the content.

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