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Privacy Policy and cookies that are used on our website issued a Privacy Policy, which is being used on our website. By visiting and using our website you agree to the said Policy and cookies.

Cookies ensure a better user experience on our website. We also wish to inform you that the Privacy and Cookie policy can be updated at any time. – (Any update dates will be posted here: Last update: 22 September 2018.)

On our website, we’re always trying to be user-friendly so we urge any website users to fully read the Privacy Policy before continuing to use our website.

Protection of your information: and its Privacy Policy respects and protects your personal information.

General information about our website:

Our website contains information on countless different themes and should be used purely for informational purposes. You can’t carry out any purchases on our website. We will never ask you to reveal any personal information.

We may only require certain personal information if you follow any of the links sent in our marketing emails which may redirect you to a different website that allows purchases and to a website, that accepts credit card payments which requires some of your personal information.

Which personal information does our website collect and how do we do that: collects the following information: (IP addresses, email addresses, your name and your surname).

Your email address, IP address, name and surname get collected if you use a contact form to contact us or if you post a comment of any of the articles published on our website.

We also receive that information if you subscribe to our email newsletter which you can do by using a subscription form that can be found in different parts of the website.

Our website uses PushAlert application, In addition to email marketing. You can read what kind of information is collected by this application and how it is used on their official site:

How do we use your personal information:

Broken down – Contact form and commenting on a published article:

We can receive your IP address, your name, your surname and your email address if you contact us by using a contact form or if you post a comment on any article published on our website. If we do get that information you must know that we use it only as additional information and for statistics about our website visitors. We don’t share your information with third parties and only use it as additional information.

Details- 1:

When you contact us using the contact for all of your details remain hidden from the public. The information is used only to reply to your message. It is never used for any other purpose.

Details- 2:

In the event that you post a comment on our post, only your name and surname will be shown next to the comment. (If you entered the information while posting a comment). Your contact information (email address) will remain private. We can only take a look at it in the control panel for informational purposes.

In some cases, your email address, entered when commenting, may be used to contact you. (Only in the event that you’re searching for additional information or try to cooperate with our website in any way).

Broken down – Email marketing:

Details that we receive once you subscribe to our newsletter can be used only as information which helps us to regularly send our newsletter to your address. (Your details – IP address, name, surname and email address will never be shared with third parties).

Our newsletter may be sent to your email address multiple times a week. Some messages can also be promotional which means they will sometimes contain ads about payable services and/or products. You decide whether or not you want to purchase the said product. You can unsubscribe from the news at any time.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by using a link at the end of an email. You can also write to us and we will unsubscribe you manually. If we notice you’re not replying to out messages often enough we can unsubscribe you ourselves at any time.

You must know that our main goal is to have subscriptions only from the people who are truly interested in our news. We simply want to share our knowledge with those who really want it.

You can read more about how e-marketing works on AWeber website. Our site uses world renowned AWeber provider for email marketing. You can find out what kind of information they collect and how it is used here:

How cookies work and how we use them for collecting data:

You must know that nowadays almost every modern website uses cookies to collect data. Our website collects information through Google Analytics. The said tool reveals certain information about you – a visitor.

We can see what your interests are as well as your sex and your age. Information, gained through Google Analytics is only used as additional information which helps us improve the user experience on our website.

We cannot gain your financial information by using the tool mentioned above as Google Analytics is simply a tool meant for every website that helps with general statistics of all the website visitors.

Information or data, gained through Google Analytics is used only as additional information and statistics of our general visitors.

Links to other websites:

You can find certain links to other websites on our website. The same stands for our email marketing. A link can be inserted into a picture or a certain article’s text but can also be presented in some other way.

If you choose to click on a link you will be redirected to another website which uses different Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. On some websites that you visit you can also carry out certain purchases. With some, we have formed partnerships which means that we’ll receive a certain commission if you complete a purchase on the partner’s website.

How our website works:

You can learn more about using our website and email marketing by reading the terms of use which can be found on the page: Those are out terms which are valid on our website and marketing emails. You should always read terms of use and privacy policy before using a website.

It is important to use the website in a right way. We cannot be held responsible for any misuse of the website. If you don’t like how the website works, simply stop using it. You must know that our goal is the correct website use and the use of our services as we can achieve the best user experience only if that is the case.