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Bloggerfor is a blog where you get detailed information on how to set up a blog as a complete beginner. Here you will learn how to start blogging for a fun and later change it into a business.

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1. What is blogging?

Blogging is creating and editing blogs. If we update our blog regularly, we can say that we are a blogger.

Bloggers regularly publish new unique articles, photos and videos on their blogs. Blogging can be a starting point for our hobby, which can later be transformed into a business.

2. What are the advantages?

One of the biggest advantages
is that we can write on our blog about any topic. We can write about topics in
which we find our passion.

This can be: love and partnership,
parenthood and children, pets and animals, work and finance or anything else we
are interested in.

3. What are the disadvantages?

The disadvantages are that you can spend a lot of time on mistakes when blogging. Many beginner bloggers do not know what to do on their blog to become successful.

Due to a lack of knowledge, more and more people give up blogging even before learning about the benefits of blogging. If we want to get to know the good side of blogging, we must therefore insist, work and educate ourselves.

4. Who can be a blogger?

Everyone with desire for blogging can become one. For starters, we do not need any special knowledge. We already have the desire to blog and the basic knowledge about using the computer and the web.

You need to know that it does not matter who you are and where you come from. Anyone can become a blogger, regardless of their age. Today, many students and seniors around the world are engaged in blogging, and some have become very successful.

5. How to start blogging?

We do it slowly step by step!

Step one: Choosing a topic for our blog. Second step: Selecting a unique domain. Step Three: Domain registration and hosting. Step Four: Setting up a blog on the WordPress platform. 

Step five: Exploring main keywords in Google Keyword Planner. Step Six: Writing articles on key search terms that relate to the subject of our blog. Step Seven: Publishing articles and photos. 

Step eight: Monetizing blog in order to gain earnings – working with affiliate programs. Ninth Step: Obtaining quality online visitors. Step ten: Working on blog maintenance.

6. How to pick a good domain?

Choosing a domain is fun and easy work. If you want to choose a domain for your blog, make sure that it is unique as possible.

When choosing a domain, make sure that it is composed of words that relate to your blog’s theme. When figuring out domain, be creative. For example, if you want to set up a blog on a fitness topic then you can choose the following for your domain:, or

We need to choose a domain that is free and not yet registered. To register a domain we pay around $15 per year.

The list of my favorite domain names:

  • 1#
  • 2#
  • 3#
  • 4#
  • 5#


7. Can I write about different topics on my blog?

No. It’s best to write only about one topic on your blog. In this case, you will receive a very targeted audience on your blog and you can set up highly relevant ads.

So in such a way, you can earn money online. On the other hand, if you write about various topics on your blog, you will not be able to monetize your blog well, and therefore it will be difficult to earn money.

8. How to write high-quality articles?

If you do not have much experience with writing articles, start writing content only about the topic where you already have experience. First, pick an attractive headline for each article, then in the article share your opinion on your chosen topic.

When writing, make sure that you share a lot of useful information. With your article you need to address problems that people in your chosen niche have. If you do not know what kind of problems your target audience has, visit relevant blogs, forums and see what’s written about the topic there.

9. I have a set up a blog, but I do not know how to get earnings?

Today, there are already more than 100 ways to earn money. Your blog will bring you earnings when you monetize it well.

You can promote products from other companies on your blog and receive a commission on this. You can also sell your products. You also have an option to sell sponsored articles…

With your blog you can make money in many other ways. You will get earnings if blog is set up well and is frequented by quality online visitors.

10.How to attract online visitors to your blog?

In year 2019, the Internet has
over 4 billion users. The online market has become incredibly big this year. You
can attract online visitors in many ways.

Especially if you want to earn
money with a blog, you need to attract online visitors that are interested in
the topic you are writing about on your blog. You can get such visitors via
Google, Bing or Yahoo search engine. You can also reach quality visitors via
social networks, related blogs or forums.

11. How long does it take before i earn any money?

It depends entirely on your knowledge, work and perseverance.

You should be aware that the results vary from one person to another. Some achieve good earnings in 3-6 months. Others do not even earn any money after one year of blogging, because they do everything incorrectly. They waste time making mistakes and consequently, they abandon blogging before even realizing how rewarding blogging is.

12. Despite all the answers, I still do not know how to start?

Sometimes you just need to start to find out all the other answers that nobody can answer. Once you start, you realize that you have abilities…

Anyway … Life moves forward, regardless if we choose to move forward and take a step into the unknown. Or stay at the same point and keep thinking about what could have been.

On Bloggerfor, I Sandra, share with you all my knowledge that I gained in blogging for seven years. If you do not want to waste time on blogging with beginner mistakes, you can sign up for my e-news, where you will find a complete step-by-step guide. From setting up your blog, to earning money with it.

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Do you know how to convert website traffic into sales?

Are you interested in converting online visitors into sales?

Since there are many people blogging these days and struggling to earn money, we will give you some excellent tips in this article!


convert website traffic into sales

1.Properly target your target audience:

In order to get earnings, the main thing is that you have a target audience on your blog. The blog must attract those visitors who are interested in what you offer on your blog.

You can attract such visitors through search engines and through social networks. On each advertising channel, we determine our target audience in a different way.

When it comes to search engines, our audience is browsing the keywords that relate to our niche.

For example, if we are writing about how to get rid of tattoos on our blog, our target audience is the one who searches these keyword in the search engine: how to get rid of a tattoo, tattoo removal, best tattoo removal, best tattoo removal method,…

2.On the blog offer visitors exactly what they need:

In our example, we have a blog set up on the topic of how to get rid of body tattoos. That’s why we have published articles on this topic on our blog.

On our blog we also need to have one sales article in which we accurately describe how to get rid of tattoos in a quick and easy way. There must be a lot of useful information in this article. At the end of this article, we promote services that help us with the removal of body tattoos.

3.Step into the role of your visitors:

When writing a major sales article, you step into the role of your visitor. In our case, the visitor wants to get rid of tattoos.

Therefore, in the article, we need to write how annoying it is to have a tattoo that you cannot stand. A very good article can be written if we add a little story to the article.

This will build trust with our online visitors. Through the article, we can tell them that we once had a tattoo that we did not like. Then, we can describe how we managed to get rid of it in a natural and quick way.

4.Promote the services in the right way:

When offering certain services or products, be careful. Make sure that you only offer quality services or products on your blog to your online visitors.

Do the promotion in the right way. At the beginning of the article, it is too soon for promotion. At first, you need to build trust with online visitors. Do this by providing them with the best information on a specific topic.

At the end of the article, you can start promoting services or products. Make sure you describe these services or products to the visitors in the right way. You need to explain to them what kind of benefits they gain when they use them.

 5.Explain to the visitors what they need to do:

Many people today want to get specific instructions. When we describe a service in greater detail, we have better chance of selling.

Visitors must also know exactly what to do in every step. In our example, we can write at the end of the article: “Click here to buy this effective tattoo remover and get rid of your boring tattoos today.”

…That is how you convert online visitors into sales.

In our article, we have described a method that works well. If you want to get your first online sale, start using this method today!