Working online – Most frequently asked questions:


Many people ask me about my websites and the most common questions are related to working and generating income online.

In this article, I, Sandra, will help you answer the most commonly asked questions I get from you.

5 of the most common questions I get are:

1.Is working online hard?

Working online can be challenging but also very simple. How it is for you depends on your love and desire to use the internet and computer on your time off. It also depends on the changes we want to make in our lives.

I was really unhappy with my regular job so I started working online extremely hard as I knew I didn’t want to do my regular job forever.

2.How much do you have to work to pay your bills?

It all depends on how we do it. If we’re happy do work and include our hobby the path to success is much faster and easier compared to doing something that we don’t like at all. We must also know that a good income doesn’t come overnight. (It can, however, come soon if we work hard enough).

In the end, we also have to know that the beginning requires a lot of work. If we strive to work more and more the amount of work will pay off as working online generates better income compared to a regular full-time job.

3.I am a student without saving and I want to know how much setting up a blog costs?

Creating a blog or a website isn’t a big expense as all we need is a host that nowadays costs around 70-100$ a year.

But, if you want to use your blog to generate an income online it might be good to learn how to set up a successful website. You can sign up to our newsletter and learn more about it.

4.I have a website but don’t know how to generate an income?

That happens to many individuals. I was at the same point when I first started off and that is the time when I, myself, thought that online income is not for us „ordinary“ people. Many people think the same and soon give up as all they see is their hard work and the lost time and money. Many people thus give up even before seeing the first results.

I suggest that you first educate yourself and gain the knowledge that will help you succeed. Don’t give up as results come in the end. I made many mistakes before generating the first income. You can read more about what to do and what not to do online by signing up to our newsletter.

5.I want my own blog but don’t have an idea. I simply don’t know how to start?

Yes, that is also a common question and the answer is really simple. I suggest to you that in the case that you don’t have an idea simply think about things that interest you in life. Think about the things you like doing, reading and talking about.

What exactly that is only you know. It may be your hobby, a sport, cooking, movies, computers, fitness or something else. Your blog can be successful. The most important thing is to write about something that interests you and makes you happy.