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Free 30-Day blogging challenge - Advanced

my experiences with blogging

Learn everything about:

  • Setting up a blog: How to set up a blog and edit it as an absolute beginner.
  • Writing articles: How to write as a hobby about a topic where you find passion.
  • Blog monetization: How to monetize a blog with ads and gain visitors.

30 Day blogging challenge is informative, fun and free:

After accepting the challenge you will be taken to a page where you will be explained in detail how you can set up a blog in 30 days as a complete beginner without previous experience.

Who is my blogging challenge suitable for?

For those of you who would like to learn how I, Sandra, managed to set up my first blog over 7 years ago and started blogging as a hobby and later turned it into a home-based business. It is suitable for women as well as men who want to try out a modern hobby.

Learn everything directly from a blogging expert:

Learn the biggest tricks directly from blogger Sandra. Learn how to: set up and create professional blog design, write interesting articles to increase online sales, attract visitors in the same way Sandra does on her most successful blogs.

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