5 Simple steps to make your blog profitable

Once you have set up a blog that makes you proud, it is time to start working on these five easy steps that I mention in this guide.

To complete the steps you just need to get organized and perform one step and then move to the next one until you have completed all five of them.

These are the steps with which you can earn excellent extra or primary earnings. This is a realistic way to make money online, which I blogger Sandra chose. And if you believe this is the way that can also bring you online earnings, then start working today! Do not postpone, because you might be regretting in a few months that you did not start with work today!

make money from blogging

5 steps to make your blog profitable:

Before I present all the steps, I have to tell you that these steps are the fastest way of achieving online earnings.

On the other hand, these steps also require work. Therefore, you can only achieve excellent earnings if you persist and work long enough!

1. Join a partner site:

Top partner sites include: ClickBank, JVZoo, MoreNiche, HealthTrader, ShareASale, Amazon Associates, Peerfly & The Sandals and Beaches, eToro Partners.

Register on one of the above-mentioned partner sites and then on their site find a product or a service that is relevant to the theme of your blog. In addition, make sure that the product or service is of quality, and that you get at least 30$ from commission.

See how you can sign up for a ClickBank partner site: The Perfect Guide On How To Create a ClickBank Account

2. Write a sales article for the blog:

Once you have selected the product or service you want to promote, write a sales article for your blog. For example, if you want to promote Keto diet on your blog, write an article with the title: Why is Keto diet the best weight loss program of all times? Then have some subtitles in your article: what is a Keto diet, how does it work, for who is Keto diet suitable for, how and where to buy an e-book where you can learn how to prepare a Keto diet.

In the article you should first connect with people who want to lose weight. Start writing in a way that you understand how it is when you are trying to lose weight and everything does not go according to plan. Then give some information about the Keto diet and finally promote the product. When the article is published on your blog just insert some affiliate links to a product or service that you are promoting. For link, use anchor text with the word: click here and buy the Keto Diet e-book, visit the official website: www. and learn more about the Keto Diet.

Take a look at what a sales article looks like and write your own in a unique way: PPC Academy education – All you need to know about their courses

3. Start working on email marketing:

I recommend anyone who wants to get extra or primary earnings to start working on email marketing. Our blog can be linked to email marketing, by posting a subscription form to our e-newsletter somewhere on the blog.

In return for the email address, we can offer visitors an e-book or advanced content that we post on our blog. When we start collecting email addresses, we will be able to keep in touch with our potential customers at all times. This means that we will be able to send them advanced content on the subject of our blog via email marketing, plus every once in a while we will be able to promote certain products or services in email messages.

Sign up for the Mark Ling webinar and learn how to set up profitable email marketing: Mark Ling webinar – Everything you need to know about this webinar

4. Start working on paid advertising:

Once you have completed all 4 steps, you just need to start attracting visitors to the site where you are collecting email addresses. Paid advertising is the fastest and easiest way to get visitors.

Once we have set up a successful blog and related email marketing, we can expect that our investment in advertising will more than double. Statistics say that for one email address, bloggers on average pay 1-3 $ for paid advertising. Annually though, one email address will bring us between 12- 24$. If this is not the way to make money online, then I really don’t know what is? Email marketing is more powerful than telephone sales today and it makes the most online sales!

Read the article below and learn how you can start with paid advertising on social networks and search engines today: How to get traffic to your website – Complete guide for beginners

5. Believe in the process and persist with work, do not be skeptical:

Why am I telling you this? Because 98% of people do exactly that during the process. And as a result, they never complete the necessary steps that are critical to making money online with blogging. That is why I will give you advice once again, you need to believe in a better tomorrow, believe that there is no obstacle that you cannot overcome and that you will reach your goal over time and with hard work.

I believe that you can easily start working on the first step today and then on the second, third, fourth and of course during this process you never forget the fifth step. (Everything is described, you just read it and put it into practice, step by step.)

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