How I Started Working Online

Hello! First I would like to welcome you.

Today we will talk about how I first started online.

I will explain how I, Sandra, an average middle-aged woman started working online.

I started from nothing. I didn’t have any experience to start with – all I had was an opportunity to create something for myself online…

The internet is nowadays used by more than 4 billions of people while online shopping is more popular every day. Americans alone spend 5,5 millions of dollars online every 20 minutes.

You can take a look at statistics from 2015 below:

In the modern times the internet surely holds big amounts of money. One of the biggest online stores, Amazon, supposedly earns around $1,084 every second.

I personally discovered this opportunity while browsing online and discovering a partnership program that allows every website owner to make some money so at that point I decided I wanted to start working online. I didn’t want to miss the chance and the timing was perfect as I wasn’t too happy with my job at that time.

I worked over-time but that didn’t show up on my paycheck at the end of the month. All I did was work without any spare time, just waiting for my single day off or a summer holiday which made me really unhappy.

By working online I regained my motivation to work. I knew I had to work hard if I wanted any good results so I was prepared to do anything that was needed from me.
With time the first online revenue came my way – I made the first sale. A sale of an informational product on my first blog was made through ClickBank which gave me around $9. I didn’t earn much but it was still very important to me and made me feel incredible.

All of this gave me even bigger motivation to work as I knew I can make $100 or even $1000 and from that point I can say I never looked back. I joined even more projects and took lessons from the most successful bloggers.

I attended many seminars and read countless books on online working and now I can finally say I actually achieved something. In my perfect guide on blog creation, I can also share some of my experience.

Blogging for work at home

This is how my current income looks:

I have the knowledge that allows me to make as much effort as I put it myself. No one can stop me now.

Currently I own 5 successful blogs which bring me a nice monthly revenue.

I will discuss more of my work later on. If you subscribe to my email newsletter you can also gain the knowledge that is needed to make a living online.

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And the best part of it all is the freedom of work, spare time and the possibility to improve.

I also don’t need a big capital to start a new blog, as it requires only a minimum investment.

I am sure there is no other business which allows you to make good money but still ensure such freedom. Anyone can do the work – no matter their age and can do it from any part of the world.

It is important to educate ourselves about making money, reinvest some and continue working as that is the right way to create good revenue. If you want to start earning online yourself I suggest that you subscribe to my newsletter, where I share all of the knowledge needed to start.

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Enjoy your time and I will talk to you soon.



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