5 Tips On How To Get a Ton Of Blog Visitors

Our monthly blog earnings depend on the number of visitors we get each month. If we get 0 visitors, we won’t make any money.

That is a fact and a rule for any blogger.

If you want to start making some money it is time to gain some quality online visitors.

I will use this article to tell you exactly how to do so!

get online visitor

5 Tips on how to get a ton of blog visitors:


That is the biggest social media platform that has 1,23 billions of daily active users. People use Facebook during their spare time to fight off boredom and thus take a look at different pictures, videos or join communities they participate in or just follow other people’s posts.

People mostly use Facebook to have some fun. If we choose to advertise on this platform we have to generate a good ad design. We have to choose a detailed public and have to know our customers – we can choose to target people based on their age, sex, occupation and interests.

If we choose our targeted public well we can get some good results. We have to pay attention to the photograph we choose to feature in our ad – it is what sells the product. If you choose a picture that is not interesting, people will just skip it. However, if we choose an attractive and interesting picture, Facebook will surely bring us some quality but cheap online visitors.


Another popular social media platform. Twitter currently has 320 millions of users. People mostly visit the page to have some fun and can use the platform to share their opinions with their followers. Twitter also allows you to make some money and is another page that can bring us some quality visitors.

If we want to earn well by using Twitter, we have to target our ads to people that are interested in what we have to offer. If we use our blog to talk about how to become a better singer, target the people that wrote tweets connected to that theme.

Twitter ads allow us to target only the people that wrote a certain keyword on their page in the past. Such advertising can be really effective. (Depending on what we have to offer on our blog).


An online browser that you certainly know. Most people use it to search for other websites and turns to it when they need some help. Some people want to know how to lose weight while others want to know where they can buy a good TV.

Google is a mega browser that gives us the answer to any question. It gets more than 40 thousand searches every second. Based on analytics reports, Google had incredible 2 trillions of searches in 2017 alone. Google is the online boss which owns the biggest chunk of  the online market and makes around 20 billions of dollars every year.

Google is the best place to advertise. It hosts so many visitors from all over the world that a single person could never buy entirely. The market is incredibly vast which gives everyone the opportunity to make some money.

Google only takes a part of the online earnings and leaves the rest to blog owners. If we know how to design a good advertising campaign we can multiply our investment by 2 or even 3 times.

The browser doesn’t give us the cheapest visitors, but they are of good quality which is what matters in the end. We have to know that we can never earn well just from cheap visitors. Our blog needs quality ones that don’t just look around but actually make a purchase.

Google is the right place to do so as people search for the keywords that tell us exactly what they want. We can see if they’re ready to make a purchase or not.

4.Facebook, Twitter or Google?:

If you’re asking yourself what the best place to advertise on is I can tell you that you can succeed on any of them. In the end, it all depends on your approach. People who know what they’re doing can make 100 thousand dollars a month by using Google advertising while others can do the same by using Facebook and Twitter.

5.Where to learn how to advertise?:

You can start advertising on Facebook, Twitter or Google in just a few minutes. All of the pages offer great support and guides on how to design a good ad. If we want to advertise on Google, we have to join the Google Adwords program – if it’s our first time joining Google even gives us an advertising coupon of 100$.

We can do everything in just a few minutes but not all of such ads can bring us the money. It is not that easy to start earning. We have to know some secrets if we want to earn well.

That’s the reason why not everyone succeeds. Some individuals lack the needed knowledge which can even lead to money loss. Knowledge is always important before we start doing something new. Two clicks simply can’t bring us anything good. Today people that make good money are those who are prepared to educate themselves and possibly learn from their own mistakes.

Mistakes can cost us a lot and often make it hard to continue. We get good knowledge if we study well.

To make money by advertising there are some rules we have to follow!

We can learn from our mistakes or by following the advice of some experts.

In the end, decision is ours.

If we want we can even join some educational programs that are hosted on the page PPC Academy.


PPC Academy features 10 experts in the field of online marketing that spent thousands of dollars on advertising. From their personal experience, they can tell you what ads are profitable and what ads simply bring us a loss.

PPC Academy is suitable for those who want the right knowledge.

PPC Academy offers a quality educational program:
-Perfect video guides on how to start a profitable advertising campaign.
-The correct approach to advertising on Google, Facebook or Twitter.
-Perfect support from the experts. They are here to help us.
-The academy guarantees good results, otherwise, they refund us the money.

YouTuber Jack also has some knowledge of online advertising. If you want to find out some tips take a look at his video below where he shares his personal experience with online advertising:



We can start advertising with a just 100$ investment and succeed. If we know all the correct steps we can achieve a lot with a minimal investment.

PPC Academy allows you to get the right knowledge.

=>Here at PPC Academy. (You can learn how to advertise on Google from the experts).

Their help allows you to get the results you always wanted.



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