5 Super powerful marketing words and phrases that sell or repel

We can achieve extraordinary earnings online. This is true no matter what kind of web business we are in. It can be: creating and selling your product, affiliate marketing or dropshipping.

We can make money with products or services. If we want to earn good profits, it is especially important that we have the right knowledge. We must know what to do and how to do it.

If we want to make online sales, we have to be a good seller. We need to have the right text in our articles. If you are not aware yet; every word has its own strength.

Some words sell, others repel.

You will find out everything about this in the following tips!

powerful marketing words for bloggers

You can increase your sales with these words:


When you are writing an article about specific products or services, you can mention the best deal. You can mention to your visitors what is currently selling the most.

2.New in the offer:

Reveal what’s new in the offer. What are the benefits, what new does this offer brings us. What’s the difference from the old offer?

3.It can improve:

What can we gain from purchasing a particular product or service. In which areas in life does it help us the most. What problems can we solve when we buy it.

4.Safe and effective:

Nobody wants to buy something that is risky. Therefore, always sell what is currently the most safe and effective on the market and explain why that is so.

5.Real results:

The main reason for buying a service or product is always the results that we will receive when using it. Therefore, always state what can be achieved, if we decide to make a purchase.

You can worsen your sales with the wrong words:

1.Hurry up, you only have one minute left:

If we are too intrusive, people will hesitate to make a purchase. People want to buy something because they need it, not because they only have ‘one minute’ till the great deal expires. If you deprive people from their time to think things through, you are making a mistake.

2.This is the best product or service:

In a sales article, you just write how good the product is. You say it is the best and do not explain why. You are unable to explain why this product is good for an individual. The word ‘best’ without a good explanation is an imposed word.

3.Wonderful and revolutionary:

In sales article you should not mention words that are too strong and fow which you do not have a reasonable explanation. If you use such words, everything will just sound dumb. In such a way, our sales can decrease dramatically.


Do not use such words too extensively. Especially, do not use them in large fonts. This will not increase your sales.

5.The best tips:

If you are selling services you will need to be slightly more original. For example, if we are selling an e-book for a balanced and healthy diet, we need to describe it better than just with words: “the best tips for a healthy diet.”

That’s it about powerful marketing words and phrases that sell or repel! From now on, start using the right words in your articles and you will note results soon!

This is a system that generates one, two, three or even thousands of sales!



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