Blog design begins with a logo and a slogan

If you want to set up a successful blog you should register a unique domain first. Then start working on the design. Focus on designing your logo before you start designing your blog. In the meantime, think about what slogan you will have next to the logo.

Logo and slogan is the most important part of any blog because it represents your brand. (Who you are, what your goal is, how popular and unique you are.) Just imagine how many blog followers you will gain simply because you have a recognizable brand!

If you have trouble making your logo and slogan, don’t worry, because today we are here to help. Our team has created over 10 successful online brands. Right now, we will reveal to you our strategy for creating a perfect logo and slogan.

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Step one: Consider your slogan:

You need to dedicate some time to think about a good logo here in the first step. Think carefully about: what goal you want to achieve with your blog, what you want to teach your audience, how you will help your visitors.

Once you have identified your goal, try to find a short slogan that will best describe it. When creating the logo, you will use the slogan under the domain name. For example, if our registered domain is:, we may choose the following slogan – “For Weight Loss And Bodybuilding “.

The entire logo will eventually be made out of the words: ” Your Fitness Trainer For Weight Loss And Bodybuilding . ”

Step Two: Use

Use the website to create your logo. They provide free tools that can be used to easily create beautiful logos.

But that’s not all, you can also create the following with the Canva tool: Facebook Cover or Post, Instagram Post, Pinterest Graphic, Flyer, Infographic, YouTube Thumbnail, Book cover and much more can be created with the use of their tool.

Visit their official website, sign up with your Gmail account, and you can start creating your logo.

Step three: Get creative:

Use your creativity when you are creating your logo with Canva tool. Think about what color schemes to use for your brand name and what colors you will use for slogan.

Also, think about word layout. And don’t forget to add a picture to the logo at the end. Take more time when choosing a picture. You need to find exactly the one that best fits your creation and your brand.

If your web brand is all about fitness, then add a relevant picture to your logo.

Step four: Finish up the logo:

First, make sure you are designing a logo on a design size: 800 width x 312 height px. This dimension is large enough to give you greater potential for creation.

You can also enlarge your logo or make it smaller later. In the end, you will upload the logo to your blog and see which size of logo fits you best.

In our opinion, the logo should cover the entire surface: 250 width x 50 height px. Since you are creating a logo on a larger surface, you can use the tool to crop the logo to the final surface: 250 width x 50 height px. Save the logo as. png file to keep the highest quality.

Final thought on logo design:

You just learned how to create a wonderful logo for your blog. Here you can use your creativity. You just need to take some time for this work. In the end, when you have successfully completed all the steps, you will surely be impressed with the results. If you enjoy exploring your creative side, you will undoubtedly have fun while you create your logo.

In the end, remember that you have only two choices. First choice: Create your own logo and have fun while you do it. Second choice: Order the logo on Fiverr website and save some time. It is your decision. Just make sure you end up with a wonderful logo and slogan in the end. Because this is what will take your online sales to a whole new level!



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