Bloggers are asking – How do we earn from blogging?

Many beginner bloggers are asking “How do we earn from blogging?“. Blogging becomes a favorite hobby for many people and obviously everyone would be happy if they could earn money on account of their hobby.

Blogging is a modern hobby that can certainly bring good additional or primary earnings. In this article we will explain in detail how our online team makes money by blogging!

how do we earn from blogging

1.Guest posting:

Guest posting means publishing articles on our blog that have been provided by other bloggers. With such articles, bloggers get a link to their site. For this kind of work we can get anywhere between 10 to 250$ per promoted article.

How much we charge bloggers for getting links from our blog depends on how authoritative our blog is. If our domain has high PA and DA, then we can charge more for Guest posting services.

Here on website:, you find out what authority your blog has. You build authority by gaining as many links as possible for your blog. Additionally, you will gain more authority if you have older domain.

For new blogs you need to acquire links slower, one to two per week. This is what all SEO companies recommend. Once you’ve built authority, you can monetize your blog with Guest posting through Fiverr website.

2.Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn money. Many bloggers are achieving regular earnings with affiliate marketing. With it we are advertising products or services that can be found on partner sites such as: Associates, JVZoo, ClickBank, MoreNiche and many others.

We must first sign up for their program, and then we can immediately find products and services that would interest our audience. We can promote products and services via blog or email marketing. With each sale we make, we get a pre-determined commission which can be from 30 to 500$.

Exactly how much we earn depends on what we are promoting and how we are promoting it. That is why it is worthwhile to keep reading our articles, because we are revealing the right tips every month.

3.Email marketing:

If you are looking to achieve primary earnings with blogging then you should definitely use email marketing. Link your blog to email marketing and you will certainly be able to earn better monthly earnings than you do now.

Email marketing is a tool that enables you to send emails to your subscribers. You can have a subscription form on the blog and offer advanced content to anyone in return for their email address. In this way you can quickly start collecting email subscribers.

You will be able to keep in touch with your subscribers through email marketing. You can send them content on a weekly or daily basis. – (News about newly published articles, new products and services they might be interested in.)

Your main purpose is to stay in touch with all your subscribers, so only send them quality content. In the end, this is how you get the best results. Use AWeber to set up email marketing.

4.Selling your products / services:

With affiliate marketing, we sell services and products from other people. We do not need to have any contact with our customers, because we are only an intermediary. But we need to do some more work if we are selling our own products or services.

First, we need to create our products and services that we want to sell on the blog. Then we need to create a sales page where our web visitors will make a purchase. We must offer warranty, free support and fast delivery of the product or service.

This is all that every consumer wants and we should be able to provide it. Although affiliate marketing offers a faster way to achieve earnings, we recommend that you opt for this later on as well, especially if you want to bring your earnings to a new level. It is not necessary, but recommended.

5.Monetizing your blog with ads:

If our blog is attracting 100 thousand monthly visitors, then the easiest and fastest way to make money is if we monetize it with ads.

However, you should know that with this method we will not be able to maximize online earnings. – If we have a blog set up in a specific niche.

Monetization of a blog with ads is more rewarding if we have a blog on the topic: news, torrents, movies, games. These are topics that can bring us thousands of daily visitors.

Besides, these visitors are not well targeted because some individuals visit such sites just to find out what’s new in the world. – That is why such blogs are best monetized with: Google Adsense, BuySellAds, RevContent, OutBrain, Taboola or Amazon Native Shopping Ads.

Final thought about blogging and earnings:

In this article you learned how bloggers make money. If you still don’t understand how you too can make money with your blogging efforts, simply choose one of the five options and then start working on attracting online visitors through optimization or paid ads.

That’s it! This is the only way for bloggers to make money.



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