Blogger Peter and his problems with blogging

Blogger Peter is truly an incredible individual. I am grateful for that as we became good online friends. We often talk to each other through the emails and share the experience we gained through blogging. Meeting people that love doing what you do is the best thing that can happen.

blogger Peter and his problems with blogging


However, Peter and I want to show you the not-so-bright side of blogging so he prepared a video below that you can watch. He explains what the biggest problems he encountered while blogging were. In the video below Peter tells us about his problems with blogging:



I believe many people have to overcome them but more often than not they don’t know how to do so.

If you want to win the battle you have to fight like Peter did which was not too hard for him as he has really good motivation that is the result of visiting fitness.

…With me it is completely the opposite.

I don’t go to fitness so I can’t find motivation in that field. I had to find it somewhere else.

I don’t know how else to explain my situation, but I just knew I had to work and continue working if I want to get past the hard times.

That was my motivation as I wasn’t happy with my current situation. My job just didn’t make me happy and I couldn’t see myself doing it all life. My pay was too low and I had little to no spare time so blogging was my only chance.

It may be hard to understand but I felt like I was trapped somewhere, so all I could do was persist and try to survive.

I believe that any person who finds itself in such situation will do their best to survive. You have to know that nothing is impossible.

We can overcome any obstacles in our lives. All we have to know is how to get past them.

Peter knew exactly what to do and I belive my article can help you as well.

Even though it may take time before we overcome our problems we have to know that good things come to those who work hard!

Nothing is served to us “on a plate. ” If we want something, we have to fight for it.

Some people may be born rich but they don’t know their own power before they discover it themselves.

Nature is great, but the environment we live in might not be able to help us. However, we have to know that no one owes us anything so we have to fight on our own.

You may feel like you’re trapped in a jungle, “everything that moves wants to step on us so we’re completely crushed.”

So follow my advice:



Use that as that is what helped Peter and me and I believe it can help you as well!


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