How and where to get website visitors with PPC campaign

PPC – Pay per click marketing is a strategy that helps us get online visitors in the fastest way possible. If we also decide to collect email addresses, PPC campaign can bring us an instant income.

We can pay a minimal fee to feature ads on different websites and platforms and see positive results at the end of the month. You can spend just 5$ a day to advertise.

ppc campaign- how and where to get website visitors

We can get online visitors on the following seven online giants:


Facebook is the biggest social media platform that homes 1,94 billions of users. Facebook gets 5 new users every second.

People stay on the page for approximately 20 minutes so Facebook is a popular place to advertise different products and services while ads can be created in just a few minutes.

If we want to get great results it is recommended we decide to target a certain audience, which depends on the sex, age, and interests of an individual


Instagram is a relatively big social media platform with 700 millions of active monthly users. Facebook bought the platform in 2012 for one billion of dollars. Since then we can set Facebook ads and also decide to display them on Instagram.


You surely know the social media platform Twitter which has more than 100 millions of users every day. It gets a good amount of online visitors so it is another great channel to advertise.


Another great channel to advertise. It is a social media platform where users can share and save their favorite photographs.

It hosts 150 millions of monthly users half of which come from the USA. Users usually stay on the page for around 15 minutes.

An interesting part of the website is the fact that 87% of all users decide to make a purchase based on the website as they mostly use the platform to save the pictures of the things they want to buy in the future.


Social media platform LinkedIn has 500 millions of users. When setting up ads you can set an exact targeted public or decide to just display it to certain companies. Ads have a somewhat higher price compared to the other channels but if we know exactly who to target we can earn really well.

6.Yahoo and Bing:

The two online browsers have millions of users every day that we can bring to our website by spending just a few cents.

We can attract customers searching for a certain keyword.


I am sure you already know Google as it is the biggest online giant that hosts the largest number of users every day. On a yearly basis, Google gets incredible 2 trillions of searches. The number of users is so big even the richest people in the world wouldn’t be able to buy all of them.

We use Google for every little detail and enter the keywords we need answers to. The best part of this browser is the fact that we, as blog owners, can attract quality visitors by using it.

In the end, those users are what we need to make money online. We need people who know what they want and not those who’re just exploring and looking around not knowing what they’re even looking for.

And that’s it… You just saw what the best platforms to advertise on are and how to get good results. Now all you have to do is to figure out how to create a profitable campaign to post.

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