Blogging for money – Facts you haven’t learned yet

Blogging for money is what every blogger wishes for. Many decide to set up a blog just to achieve extra or primary earnings.

But they have a long journey ahead of them before they see any results. That is why we will present all facts you haven’t learned yet in today’s article.

blogging for money

Blogging for money – All facts about it:

Journey is not easy nor is it fast:

When we decide to start blogging, we need to be aware that we will not get earnings fast and easy. Plenty of work and obstacles await before we see results.

Too many people are not aware of this these days. But you should know that you have to work hard for results in life. Don’t be naive when someone says “You can make 10.000$ from blogging per month in a lazy and fast way.”

Unfortunately it is not so easy. No one owes you anything in this world, nothing belongs to you, we must fight for everything. Fast earnings without work simply do not exist.

Education is necessary:

No one knows everything and even the most successful bloggers were complete beginners when they started. They were learning as beginners and even today when they are experts they continue with further education.

In order to become and stay successful blogger you need to constantly educate yourself. You have to work on the right things because otherwise you’re just wasting your time and money.

Finding your mentor is definitely a good idea. We need to learn from the best if we wish to become the best too. We need to put their knowledge into practice and start thinking exactly as our mentors think. Only in such way will we have a vision that will lead us to results.

We should not give up too fast:

In our opinion, more than 50 % of people give up too fast. We should not drop everything when we encounter our first obstacle. We need to find solutions, not excuses. We must listen to positive opinions, not negative ones.

When someone tells us we will never become a successful blogger, we must prove them wrong. Quite often we will find people doubting our abilities. However, this should not stop us, it should only give us more motivation to work hard.

Many successful bloggers have had similar experience when someone doubted them in the beginning, only to be proven wrong later on.

Work for fun, not for money:

The fact is, blogging for money exists. But before we make any money, we have to work for fun. Many bloggers are not really aware of this.

At first we have to work for fun which will make things easier for us. Those that will decide to start blogging only for money will sooner or later drop this kind of work. Later, when we encounter first obstacles and do not see immediate results, we will abandon the work.

But if we start blogging for a hobby, it’s only a matter of time before we set up a profitable online business from our hobby. That is why I recommend that you set up a blog on a topic where you find your passion. Later you will start to see how fun blogging actually is. You will enjoy writing articles and visitors will be delighted to read them.

You cannot force something:

We can only make money by blogging naturally. This journey always begins by adding value to our blog. Our content is most important because it will drive visitors to our blog.

If content is useful we will gain regular blog followers. The more useful information we give out, the more reward we get later on.

Try to understand your audience. If your audience wants to lose weight for example, then give them easy and effective advice throughout articles. Show them through the articles that you understand them. When you help them, they will also be happy to sign up for your newsletter and buy a product or service from you.




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