The negative effects of working from home and how to avoid them

You were probably able to observe that online media often writes about working from home. But everywhere the talk is usually just about the advantages of working from home and no one ever writes about the negative effects.

Because we believe that every work has its positive and negative effects, we decided that this time we will talk with you about medical issues that people who work from home often encounter.

In addition, we will reveal how you can avoid them. You should regularly work on prevention and we guarantee that you will enjoy working from home!

negative effects of working from home

Negative effects of working from home and solutions for them:

1.Problems with the joints and spine:

Those who work 12-14 hours a day at home and spend all this time behind the computer, may experience problems with their joints and spine.

Our spine, neck or knees may start to hurt. When we are sitting, we usually overburden the spine and knees. The neck can also start hurting if we are not sitting properly.


Do preventative exercises for your spine and knees every morning before work and breakfast. You will find guides on YouTube that you can perform on a daily basis.

You will only spend 10 minutes for your morning workout routine and in the long run you will firm your joints and your spine. During the day you just have to watch that for every hour of sitting, you stand up a little and move your body as well as stretch your knees. When sitting, make sure you are keeping a good posture.

2.Dry eyes:

When working from home we often spend time behind computer and constantly focus our eyes on the screen which makes them dry and red. This is not a big issue and can easily be solved.


When we have dry eyes we need to go to the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist what kind of eye drops we need. We should let them know that we often work with computers and need drops that will moisten our eyes. When we start using the drops, all the problems will quickly disappear.

In addition, we can work on additional prevention: During work we should often look away from the screen just to rest our eyes for a second or two. We can look out the window and observe the nature for a moment. We can also buy an lcd monitor that gives us control over the screen brightness level. It is also wise to work in a space that has lots of natural light.


Which job comes without stress? … In just about every job we can experience stress and the same goes when we are working from home. If we worry too much about when and how we will be able to earn more money, we may end up spending more time worrying than working.


Try to relax and take a deep breath. Do not put obstacles in front of you. Feel free and the results will come at the right time. You should not worry about failing. Find a friend to talk to about your problems. You can also find a mentor for your home based work, a person who will encourage you and teach you so you will be able to move faster.

4.Sedentary lifestyle:

Those most hardworking workers work 12-14 hours a day. Most of the time they are working in a sitting position. In addition, when they stop with work in the late afternoon, they are exhausted and only in a mood to eat something and sit on the couch.

That is how it is. People these days do not spend enough time exercising and moving around. Due to unhealthy life style they are more vulnerable to diseases like: obesity, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and many other diseases.


If you are wondering what you can do to have a healthier lifestyle, the answer is simple. Start moving regularly and eating healthier. Exercise at least 1 hour a day. It is best to get up early in the morning and workout without excuse before work.

Morning workouts are especially healthy. They have many advantages. In the morning you will be freshly rested and in the evening you will fall asleep faster. However, make sure you do not look at the TV screens for two hours before going to bed. Exercising in the morning will make you even more productive at work. You will have more ideas and more motivation to work.

5.Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

We may get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome if we spend hours working on the keyboard and with computer mouse. We will get it if we work fast, without pause, and type on the keyboard intensely. This syndrome also occurs if we do not hold the mouse properly. Hands should not be raised or crooked. When our hand is on the mouse, it should always rest on the table.


Have more breaks while working. Stretch your fingers between pauses. You may also use a gadget. Visit Ebay or Amazon online store to see what you can find on their site. Your fingers and hands can be hardened by exercise. For example, climbers are constantly hardening their fingers so they can be better prepared.

Final thought on how to avoid all the negative effects of working from home:

This article has provided you with many tips to help you improve the quality of your work at home. If you put some advice into practice, you will certainly gain good experience in your work.

In order to be able to work from home even more comfortably, get yourself: nice workspace, ergonomic office chair, a good mouse and keyboard, a modern computer with an lcd screen, and don’t forget to buy a desktop led light.




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