30 Day blogging challenge from beginner to expert

Do you want to make extra or primary income with blogging? Right here, I, blogger Sandra, will present to you a 30 day blogging challenge from beginner to expert.

30 Day blogging challenge

What is blogging?

Blogging is a modern online job. It gives us more freedom and better earnings than normal everyday jobs. Our results depend on: Education, dedication and work.

Blogging challenge works on the basis of: 1. Learn, 2. Connect, 3. Create.

1. Learn:

We can earn money if we start learning about: blogging, affiliate marketing and email marketing. This is the one and only method that allows us to make money online without: product, customers and big investment.

You should know that knowledge is power. With knowledge, we are able to achieve results in life faster and overcome new obstacles. If you follow me regularly via email newsletter, you will learn from me in 30 days as much as some people do in 10 months.

2. Connect:

After you read all about affiliate marketing and email marketing on my blog, you need to start connecting all the knowledge you gained from me. Create a perfect plan. Successful people always write down on a piece of paper all the points they need to work on.

I was able to transform from beginner to blogger expert because I started connecting all the newly acquired knowledge. I wrote down on a piece of paper all the steps I needed to take. And I never forgot about them.

3. Create:

Once you have a system in place to set up a profitable blog thing will run more smoothly. From then on, once you have created a plan, you just need to follow the steps. You have to do all the steps you have on your plan.

The more you work on the plan, the faster you progress and the longer you work the better feeling you get. When you spend your time working online, you feel good because you are working for your future. And the feeling when you get your first online earning is truly amazing.

When you make your first online sale through affiliate marketing and email marketing, you will realize that you can make 10,000 of them because the online marketplace is unbelievably vast.

  • 30 day blogging challenge concluded:

If you accept my blogging challenge, you will need to learn, connect and create within 30 days. If you are very active in these areas, you will be able to achieve much more in blogging in just 30 days, unlike others that will not be able to achieve the same even in 300 days.

Believe me, everything in life revolves around: how fast we learn, how much we work and how much knowledge we use in practice. How bright the future is depends on this.

You can achieve primary earnings with blogging. But in the end, the results depend entirely on you. You decide whether to stop halfway or go all the way.

If you want to start blogging, you should start working on it now, because you might wish in two years that you had started sooner! Learn everything about affiliate marketing and email marketing now!