The most easy list building techniques to get you more email subscribers

The most interesting thing is that most beginner bloggers do not want to work on email marketing.

And yet, this is the best online tool that can help us earn more profits with our blog.

Our blog visitors come and go while our email subscribers are in touch with us as long as they are subscribed to our e-newsletters.

If this is not a good reason why you also need to work on email marketing, then imagine what could be.

If you think working on email marketing is challenging for beginners, you are wrong. In this article, we will present you…

email subscribers list building techniques

3 Easy list building techniques to get you more email subscribers:

Before we reveal these techniques, we need to remind you that you have to prepare at least 30 unique emails beforehand. Content should be of high quality and relevant to your blog’s theme.

In every third email, you can promote a particular service or product that could help your subscribers. In other e-mails, you share only the best knowledge with your subscribers.

In this way you will get responsive list. This is also the key to success in email marketing. The following list building techniques take care of regular and good earnings.

1.Give visitors a good reason to sign up to your list:

If you write on your blog: “Sign up to my e-newsletters and you will be regularly updated about my new articles”, this will not really make a significant impact.

You need to give your visitors a better reason. For example, if you are writing on your blog about how to get rid of body tattoos, you can offer visitors exactly what they want in exchange for their email address.

In this case, you can offer them an e-book that explains how to get rid of body tattoos in a natural, quick and easy way.

2.Start working on optimization:

Do a good on-site and off-site optimization. You will get a particularly good effect when you work on both things together.

On your site, you need to optimize articles for keyword search terms. – This is on-site optimization. Then you need to post links to your articles on other relevant blogs. – This is off-site optimization.

In such way, web search engines will start to rank your articles higher among search results. On account of this, you’ll be able to gain a ton of visitors every month, and this will help you increase your email list.

3.Try paid advertising as well:

With paid advertising, you can get instant results. For starters, we do not need to have a big budget. It’s enough if we spend $5 on advertising per day.

Later we can slowly increase our spending. By doing so, we will see that our list will be growing day by day. And at the end of the month, our earnings will be improved as well.

There is practically no limit to paid advertising. Today, the web has as many as 4 billion users. We can advertise with the largest online giants: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

We can drive over 200 thousand visitors to our blog with monthly paid advertising. Just imagine how many subscribers we can get in this case and what kind of earnings we can expect at the end of the month.

That’s it!

Think about everything you read in this article. All of these are simple list building techniques that can easily help you gain more email subscribers!




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