The First Lesson – Working Online

I know that you probably want to earn 1000 dollars right away and make online working a great source of income…???

I wanted the same thing when I started off as I didn't have any previous experience:
-All I had was some basic knowledge of computers and the internet.
-I didn't have any experience with writing articles.

But I knew I couldn’t start earning in just one day and that nothing can be done by just using excuses so when I started to realize all that I knew how to generate my first online revenue.

If you want to make money online yourself I can teach you some of the most important points of doing so. By following my guide and working hard you can expect first results in three to four months.

I suggest that you take a look at the video below where I explain how working online actually looks like:

Below you can read more about blogging and making money online:

This is how my current income looks:

I create my revenue through partner website ClickBank where we can find thousands of different products we can choose to promote on our blog and thus make money.

ClickBank is one of the many websites which allows us to make money in this way.

One of the best websites that work in a similar way are: ClickSure, Shareasale, Ebay, Avangate, AffiBank, DealGuardian, JVZoo, CupidMedia, Moreniche and Amazon Associates…

As blog owners, we create the revenue by using partner website and online giants:
Twitter – This social media platform has 1,3 billions of registered users. It is used by 100 millions of users daily.
Pinterest – Pinterest is another social media platform where users can save and share photos they love. In a month there are 150 millions of active users.
Instagram – This is another platform where users share their photographs with the world. The platform is really popular today and used by more than 700 millions of users.
Google – …Who doesn't know it?.. Google is the largest online giant that owns the most of online users. There are more than 40,000 searches made every second.
Bing – The web browser Bing is also quite popular. In just a second people make more than 600 searches using it which means around 57,000,000 searches every day.

Those are the biggest online giants that have millions of users every day!

I use Facebook as well as some other social media platforms to attract my blog visitors as they are those, who bring the revenue to us and the online giants.

A blog without any visitors is the same as a store without any customers.

If you want to learn more about how to make money online you can take a look here:

When working online you have to know that to generate revenue you need a blog as well as visitors.

We use our blog to post ads from partner websites which are visible to our visitors which may visit the latter website through our blog and make a purchase which means we get a certain sales fee.

So that’s how earning online works – more visitors that we get, the bigger the paycheck at the end of the month.

I attract customers by using free methods but sometimes also through payments. I mostly use Facebook and Twitter as well as the online browser Bing which can be considered online giants as they have the most visitors. We can use these sources to bring unlimited amounts of people to our own blog.

Facebook has 1 billion of active daily users, Google is used to make more than 1,5 billions of searches while Bing also gets many visitors and is used to make more than 57 millions searches every day.

More about Facebook and the browser Google:

We can use Facebook to attract customers to our blog in two different ways.

One method is free while we have to pay for the other one. The free method can bring us up to 1000 visitors everyday while the other method brings an unlimited amount of visitors.

Facebook today allows us to post ads for a small fee and is much cheaper compared to Google or Bing. If we know how to market ourselves well we can invest $200 and get more than 1000 visitors.

If at least one percent of those visitors convert into buyers, who buy a product worth $100 we double the amount we paid by getting a 50% fee from a partner website and also profit from it.

(I will teach you more about how to pay back your investment in the following lessons you can get if you subscribe to my email newsletter).

ClickBank is just one of the partner website we can work with and start earning money.

(In the next lessons I will teach you how to set up your blog and start earning).

If you don’t use Facebook, you can also use the online browser Google to gain your visitors.

By using Google we can gain a large number of free visitors. I, myself, gain more than 12,000 free visitors on one of my blogs every month.



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