A guide on how to write a great article in just a few minutes

Writing articles is a fun thing to do which can also be a great hobby. If you want to enjoy writing you have to start doing it the right way.

I will use this article to present 5 steps on how to correctly write an article which will enable you to write an incredible article in just a few minutes!

how to write a great article

1.Find an idea:

An idea is the first thing we need. If we do blogging where we post about the modern lifestyle, we have to write about something that is related to the theme. First of all we have to think about the article title.

2.Do some research:

If we don’t have an exact idea about what to write in our article we must do some online browsing. We can use Google to find and visit websites that write about a similar theme.

3.Keep it simple:

The sentences should be short and not too complicated. We must know that every individual has their own way of writing and that blogging doesn’t require a perfect vocabulary.

4.Solve an issue:

Use the article to talk to your readers. Try to understand them through the article and share your personal experience. A good article means that you have a point at the beginning and stick to it all until the end of the article.

5.Persevere and don’t let go:

That is the last and a really important step. When writing you must know that the hardest thing is to start. Don’t give up as writing is the only way to become good at it.

At the end, I should tell you that at the beginning I found writing to be hard as well but then I became better, faster and really started to enjoy writing.

That is all… Take the 5 steps into account and know….

That writing requires hard work and time. Writing the first article can take you an hour but with time you will get better and better.

Even today, when I already have writing experience, I still take time to write as I want to create good articles. You must put in some effort but in the end, it is all worth it when writing becomes your hobby and brings you some extra income along the way.



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