Do you know how to make your blog fast and secure?

If your blog works fast, visitors will stay on it longer. And secure blog will give you more authority and confidence. You can expect better sales with such blog. It is worthwhile to work on these two things. In this article, you will learn some simple techniques to make your blog fast and secure!

learn how to make your blog fast and secure_get a step by step guide

Make your blog fast:

1. Use only important plugins:

To keep your blog work fast at all times, I recommend that you do not use too many WordPress plugins. You should be aware that every plugin you upload to the blog slows down its operation. Therefore, use only important plugins that are needed for a nicer design.

2. Get hosting from a quality provider:

The speed is also affected by the quality of hosting that you use. If you use SiteGround for hosting, you are in good hands because they have really responsive servers. They use the most advanced technology that is a step ahead from most of the competition.

3. Do not upload large photos:

If you want your blog to run at full speed at all times, make sure not to use photos that take up more than 150 kb space in your articles. Always reduce the photo size to 720 (px) x 480 (px) and set it to medium quality before uploading. You can use tool if you need help.

Make your blog secure:

1. Use ssl certificate:

If you have registered hosting with SiteGround, they already offer a SSL certificate for your blog. This allows you to set up a blog on https:// protocol which is more secure than http:// one. Installing an SSL certificate is easy. You have to contact the hosting provider to activate it and then you have to upload the WordPress plugin: Really Simple SSL. When installing the plugin, you don’t have to make any adjustments because everything will be done completely automatically when we activate it.

2. Change your login URL:

You can also protect your WordPress blog from hacking by changing your login URL. The standard login URL is You can change this address to anything with the use of WPS Hide login plugin or Easy Hide Login plugin. This will hide your login address from harmful bots that often try to hack into badly secured blogs.

3. Update Plugins regularly:

For even better security, try to keep the WordPress plugins and the WordPress platform up to date on a regular basis. This will ensure better protection. You should know that the web developers always try to accomplish faster and safer blog with each update. This is why blogs that have not been updated for a long time are more often targeted by hackers.

Final Thought: How do you know your blog is fast and secure?

You can find out how fast your blog is by using the tool: PageSpeed Insights. With a score of 0-49 we rate a slow blog, a score of 50-89 for a fast blog, and a score of 90-100 is for extremely fast blogs.

You don’t have to worry about the level of blog security if: you use an ssl certificate, regularly update plugins and use your unique login URL.



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