Explained: How to protect your blog against Google update algorithm

Google is the most popular search engine. Currently, it processes over 40 thousand searches per second, which on average accounts for over 3.5 billion searches per day.

In a year, this number is actually a bit higher. Or maybe you would say MUCH higher. (Google search engine gets 1.2 trillion searches annually.)

Wow!!! That is a lot, is it not?

Here are a lot of online visitors that you can also bring to your blog. Through the Google search engine, 100 thousand visitors can be attracted to your blog every month.

But, the main question is how can this be done?

This can be done by keeping our blog safe against the Google update algorithm. In this article, we will explain how to do it!



Everything you need to know about the Google update algorithm:

Before we give you all the tips we want to tell you there are Google updates that have already come into force and some which will come later.

Those already in force are already familiar to us. Those who are not, however, are one of the big riddles for us. But you should not worry about these updates if you work on a user experience on your blog.

You must know that Google is constantly making updates to provide its users with the highest quality services. And if you do the same thing on your blog, you are on the right track!

So much on how to protect your blog from Google algorithm updates and much more in the following tips!

1.Quality content should be a priority:

Only add relevant content to your blog. If you write on the topic of English language learning on your blog, see that you have articles related to this topic.

All content must be 100% unique and of the highest quality. The more readable articles are, and the more information the content contains, the more chance there is that Google will admire your blog.

2.Good user response is very important:

Your blog will become popular exactly when you get a good user response. The more time visitors spend on your blog, the better chance you have.

Google wants that visitors spend at least one minute on our blog. If the vast majority of visitors only spend 10 seconds on our blog and leave it is a sign for Google that our blog does not offer good user experience.

The more articles visitors read on our blog, the better for us. Our blog must be a good informer like Wikipedia.

That is why it is good that we have links to authoritative websites in our articles. By doing so, we give Google search engine one more sign that our blog offers the most relevant information.

3.Your blog should not only be a promotion:

Do not just add promotion to each article. Aggressive advertising will not bring you much benefit. If we have too many advertisements on our blog, this will certainly bother our online visitors.

If we want to make money with our blog, we need to have the right amount of ads on our blog. You need to know that your earnings will be the same if you have fewer ads on the blog.

In the end, your blog will be much more popular. And with this, you have a much greater chance of earnings even if you have only 3 ads on your blog. Because you will attract more visitors from Google search engine.

You need to know that aggressive advertising is not the key to success. The key to success is a good user experience and a good monetization of the blog. – Instead of advertising on our blog, we can advertise through email marketing.

4.Do not make the following mistakes:

– Do not impose keyword search terms on your blog. Write articles for online visitors. Include keywords search terms while writing in a completely natural way.

-Do not use keyword search terms excessively. The keyword density should not exceed 2% of the total text.

-Do not have too many similar articles on your blog. For example, all articles on the keyword “how to lose weight”. For example, articles with titles: 5 tips how to lose weight, How to lose weight fast, Do you know how to lose weight?, How to lose weight without sport, How to lose weight after 50. (Do not do this. Have a smart ratio between similar keywords. Your articles should be diverse as possible.)

5.Compose a natural link profile:

The link of your blog published on another website has a great influence on ranking among the top 10 positions on the search engine.

If we want to rank high on account of certain keyword search term, we need to have as many links as possible on other websites.

These links should be as natural as possible. Links posted on other websites must not appear to be imposed. Each time they need to have a different anchor text.

Anchor text is the text to which we can click and visit a specific site. The anchor text should be as diverse as possible.

On two to three web pages, we can use our chosen keyword for anchor text. On the others, anchor text can be used with the full url or the words: click here, learn more.

Never use an automated program when building links. Also make sure you do not build links too fast. For new blogs, two to three connections per week are more than enough.

That’s all!

This is nothing difficult.

We can do everything slowly step by step. First of all, it is important that we start publishing only unique and high quality content on our blog. Then we have to look at the fact that the blog is well monetized with email marketing.

Later on, we can start working on building links in a natural way. And if we do everything as we should, our blog will be protected from the Google update algorithm.

We will be rewarded with thousands of free online visitors at the end of each month that will come to our blog through the Google search engine.





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