What to write on your blog when you completely run out of ideas?

We all have such a day: a day when we do not know what to write on our blog, a day when we do not know how to start writing an article.

Even though we are browsing the web and looking at related blogs to get some idea for writing, we still do not know what to write.

What to do in such a case?

The answer is very simple. You will find it in our following tips!

What to write on your blog when you don't have any ideas

1.Find out what bothers you:

That’s right!

When we do not know what to write, we first need to find the cause for it. We need to find out exactly what is bothering us. – Is this an article title, or a topic.

If we have a blog set up on the topic of weight loss, we can write about one thousand and one thing on our blog. We can write about: diet, exercise, motivation,…

The article can be written in many different ways. But the question is what we feel at the moment. We have to ask ourselves how we feel and what we would like to write about now.

Maybe today is not our day to write articles on how to cook a healthy meal for breakfast. Before we start writing, we need to think about it a little. Perhaps today is our day for writing about recreation.

2.Take a 10 minute break:

If you’ve been sitting behind your computer for 30 minutes and you only managed to write 10 sentences, take a break. You might get an idea during the break.

When writing articles does not go your way, you probably started writing in the wrong way. It is sometimes very important to start writing with the right words. With words that best suit us personally. Only in this way can we slowly make a good structure of the article.

Therefore, in such a case, you should not be sorry to delete everything you wrote and begin writing the article from the start.

3.Use Google Keyword Planner:

Using this tool is definitely a good idea. You will gain good experience when using. This is especially true if you have no ideas for writing articles.

You can find keywords for writing articles in this tool. And you can copy these keywords to a document in which you are writing an article.

When you run out of ideas to continue the article, you will only read all the keywords quickly and you will get a good idea right away and the writing will reopen.

4.Practice will improve your skills:

It’s always the hardest to start. If you’ve never written a lot, you need some time to develop your writing style. Even if you do not read many books, you can be a good writer.

You need to know that bloggers are not professional writers. Bloggers are the ones who write about what they are interested in. In order to become a faster and better writer we just need some practice.

Every next article will be better. The more we write, the better we will be. That’s what we need to remember!

5.Listen to music while you are writing:

This is also one of the methods that can help you write. When listening to music, we relax and feel something positive.

That’s why we often get ideas for writing when we are listening to music. If you do not believe, try it and you will see … Find your fuel that helps you write … And writing will become easy and fun!




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