3 Tips How To Set Up Your Own Website In Just a Few Minutes

One of the fun things we can do in our spare time is to set up a website.

We can use the internet to create our own website which can be done in just a few minutes and doesn’t require any special knowledge. All we need is some basic knowledge about computers and the computer mouse.

Creating a website used to be a hard and timely task but now we can find countless tools that enable us to create one in just a few minutes. We also don’t have to be a specialist to do so.

The video below shows you how you can create your first website in just a bit less than two minutes:



Creating a website is an easy task. That is especially true if we have a mentor who will take us forward step by step. If we still decide to create a website completely on our own without any help, the task may be a bit more difficult and time consuming since we can face many issues on our way.

Before setting up a website you should read our tips!

1.We should decide what we want to write about:

Our first website could surely be just for practice but we must still decide what we want to write about on our website. We suggest that you pick a theme that truly interests you.

There are 4 billion of internet users around the world which want to read about different themes and use different keywords to find results they want. Some of the most commonly used keywords are: fashion, beauty, aging, acne, anxiety, asthma, back pain, basketball, camping, cats, dogs, gold, golf, fishing, Ipad, Iphone, food, muscle building, weight loss, parenting, quit smoking, snoring, travel, video games and so on.

People literally try to search for everything. You should always choose to write about a theme that interests us and thus gain visitors who are interested in the same things as we are.

2.We must know how we’ll earn through the website:

You can surely create a website simply as a hobby but you can still earn some money while doing so. If you want to generate an income using your website, you need to gain some knowledge.

You should definitely educate yourself in this field as using a website means earning money even while you sleep or travel.

3.It’s not as simple as it may seem:

We can set up a website really fast – in just a few minutes. In two to three minutes we can also add ads but that doesn’t mean that we’ll immediately start generating income online.

It is a fact that more and more people try earning money online but not everyone will succeed.

Many individuals give up before seeing the first results. We must know that we, as humans, learn on out mistakes which might also cost us our time and money. This makes it seem like us “ordinary” people can’t generate a good income online.

The browser Google, as well as the social platform Facebook, own the majority of internet users but there are 3,8 billions of internet users today and our website can take only a chunk of the whole every month.

What we’re trying to say is that everyone has the chance to earn money online but we must first know how to do so.






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