How To Start Writing Your Email – A Step By Step Guide

I will use today’s article to present my system that allowed me to design my email marketing which brings me a good monthly income. To design everything I had to invest quite some of my time but I believe you can succeed much faster by using my system yourself as you don’t have to discover it on your own.

how to start writing your email - guide

…The perfect email marketing system is already prepared, you just have to make it:

1.Your first email:

You have to use your first email to explain what the subscribers can expect from you. Include information like how often you’ll send out the emails and what they will talk about. Also, use this email to send out a free gift or the thing people are expecting you to send in exchange for their email address.

How to do so?:

You use this email to present yourself as an expert in a certain field. If your blog talks about weight loss you can use this email to explain what your experience in the field is. You also have to mention in what way you’ll help your readers.

2.Second email:

You should use the second email to ask your subscribers how they like the e-book you send them in the first email. In this way, you make sure they got and read it.

How to do so?:

Greet your subscribers and ask them how they are. Then you should ask them if they got the e-book that was sent in the previous email. Just to make sure use this email to send another link leading to the said e-book so they can’t miss it.

3.Third email:

The third email means it is time for your story. You should explain what your life experience in the chosen field is.

How to do so?:

You explain that you’re an expert in the field with a lot of experience that you want to share through your emails. You can also use the email to share your thoughts on the field.

4.Fourth email:

Now it is time for advanced content that should talk about the themes that your blog also discusses.

How to do so?:

If your blog talks about weight loss you have to use your emails to write just about this theme. Your content should be high-quality so do some research about the content if you’re not completely sure about it. Take a look at some forums and see what people are interested in and are reading on similar blogs.

5.Fifth email:

The fifth email means it is now time for promotion. You should use this email to offer a certain product to your subscribers for the first time. The product should help them solve their problems in a faster way.

How to do so?

You have to visit some partner website and find a good, quality product. After you do so use the email to write about how it can help them solve their problems.

That’s how the start of email marketing works!

After the fifth email it should be:

After the fifth email, send out two informational emails that talk about good information on our chosen theme. It can then be followed by another promotional email.

That’s the basic scheme of email marketing. To really succeed I suggest you invest a fair amount of time into writing all of the emails as they should all be high-quality.

At the end of it that’s what people want to see. If you’re good at providing what they want you’ll surely be rewarded for it.

In the end of it all remember: If you help others, others will help you.

And that is what can really make you successful!



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