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Siteground web hosting - Crafted with care

(On their official site, you can register a domain and web hosting for a shorter or longer period. When you purchase hosting for a longer period, you will receive an additional discount.) – offers all the tools you need to quickly and easily set up a website.

You can start setting up a website today.

Attention: (If you want to set up a website, it’s worth reading today’s full article.) – In this article you will find out about SiteGround hosting in more detail!

You will learn all about: what is the price of hosting, who is part of the SiteGround team, where is the location of their server, why it is recommended to use their hosting, where and how to make a hosting purchase, how to start setting up a website.

All this information will be shared with you step by step. So take a few minutes to read this great article and find out everything you need to know!

Complete review for SiteGround hosting:

SiteGround hosting contains everything you need to set up a website easily and fast. They offer us: classically divided hosting, professional WordPress hosting and mega fast cloud hosting.

At SiteGround, WordPress hosting is the most popular. – And we also recommend this hosting to you as it is really amazing. (Hosting can be registered for a period of 1 month, 12 months or 24 months.)

Top 1 offer at SiteGround – WordPress Hosting – StartUp – GrowBig – GoGeek:

SiteGround WordPress hosting

When you make a purchase, your package offers: WordPress for easy and quick website set up, +10 GB of web space, which is more than enough to set up and edit a website, free https:// protection for additional website security, free daily backup and 24/7 WP support.

You can register WordPress hosting on their official site:

1.What is the price?

The price of WordPress hosting is 3,95$ per month for hosting one website, or 5,95$ per month for hosting multiple websites at the same time.

From time to time, we get an additional discount at SiteGround. At the moment, when purchasing StartUP or GrowBIG WordPress hosting, they offer free daily backups and free https: // protection.

Click on the picture below if you do not want to miss this great discount that is offered today at SiteGround.

The best WordPress hosting

SiteGround for quick and easy website set up.

(Choose SiteGround and start setting up a website today.)

… and let the party begin.  – Blogging for business and fun!

Additional notice: If you start blogging, do not forget to regularly monitor our BloggerFor email newsletters. Read our emails regularly on a weekly basis and we will teach you how blogging can become your most paid work at home.

2.Who is part of the SiteGround team?

The team currently consists of 400 employees and the team constantly grows over the years.

In 2004, the company was founded by a small team of friends from the university and in two years the company became the market leader.

From the very beginning, they offered fast domain registration and high-quality hosting. Thanks to the provision of quality services, they can nowadays boast about hosting more than 1,800,000 domains.

They’ve always taken good care of their employees and their clients as well. They believe that happy employees lead to happy customers.

That’s why their employees are offered many benefits, in order to be inspired and motivated.

They offer: spacious work environment, 120 square meters for fun activities, organized holidays, a fully stocked kitchen with fruits and healthy snacks and happy fridays with part-time work.

All this in order to feel more relaxed in their environment and be more energetic. – So they can take care of their customers 24/7 in the best way possible.

3.Where is the location of their servers?

Their servers are located in 4 different locations: Location 1: Chicago US, Location 2: London UK, Location 3: Amsterdam NL, Location 4: Singapore SG.

To host our website, we can choose the most optimal location so that our website will work even faster in the locations where our target audience is located.

Host your site close to your visitors

What about the speed of the servers?

At SiteGround, they are aware that it is always necessary to go ahead with time. That’s why they always invest in new technology.

Their servers contain state-of-the-art technology and this ensures that web pages work fast.

SiteGround pampers its customers with advanced technology:

SiteGround web hosting speed

Click on this green button and register hosting with SiteGround today.

4.Why is it recommended to use SiteGround hosting?

There are thousands of different providers on the market today. And the fact is that all the providers do not offer us the quality that we get at SiteGround.

With some providers, there may be problems like: slow website, frequent server failures, poor customer support, marketed offer where they lower our costs at the beginning of the registration and next year significantly increase service fees.

All this is happening today with different providers. And when we encounter a bad provider, we waste a lot of time to solve a variety of problems.

Because of the problems that often occur with bad providers, users cannot focus on setting up a website, which should be their main focus.

Why do we get BETTER hosting at SiteGround than with other companies?

– SiteGround is one of the providers who constantly work on quality and reducing costs as well. Because they build technologically advanced energy-saving devices, they may be able to offer quality at a slightly lower price than their competitors. You are promised the best quality for the best price!

– SiteGround hosting will make your site safer and faster than other providers would. Their advanced technology, such as: SSD Drives, Geeky SuperCacher, Linux Containers (LXC), will make your website always work fast and have 99.99% Uptime!

– They also offer 24/7 friendly and quick help. They help you with any problem with your site and hosting. – (Via phone, web chat or email.)

*This is what we do not always get from other providers.*

Below in the photos you can see what customers have to say about SiteGround hosting and their support:

SiteGround Reviews by real Customers

(Founder of the SEO Yoast WordPress plugin had such experience with

Yoast SEO Founder - SiteGround review

(And many other customers had such experiences with in 2018.)

Click on this green button and register your SiteGround hosting.

5.Where and how to make hosting purchase?

If you visit their official site:, you will be able to choose a hosting at your own convenience and register it immediately for a shorter or longer period.

The most recommended is the choice of the WordPress hosting package – StartUP or GrowBIG. Both packages are appropriate. You choose the one that best suits you.

Registering hosting at SiteGround is easy.

The procedure is as follows:

First step: – Selecting package:

SiteGround WordPress hosting

Here you look at what exactly you get from a particular package and then select the package that at this time best suits you.

Second step: Selecting a domain:

Choose domain

Once you’ve already selected your package and clicked on the order now button, you came to the page where you select a domain. Here you can select a domain with the extension com, org or net. You need to select a unique domain and something you are about to write on your site.

Below you have some good domain ideas and if you like a particular one, you can check if it’s still available for registration:

[table id=1 /]


Third step: – Filling out data:

SiteGround - step 3 review and complete

SiteGround - step 3 review and complete 2

After you have already selected the domain and clicked on the button, go to the page where you need to fill in some forms. You need to complete your account information, user information, payment information, and purchase information.

All these forms are easy to fill. * (Only the last form about Purchase information will take slightly more time – Here you select: data center, hosting period, domain registration, domain privacy, SG site scanner.) *

When you fill out the entire page, just complete the order and wait 5-15 minutes for your SiteGround technicians to edit your hosting and send you data for access to your hosting.

(After your hosting registration, you will receive more emails, so check each one separately and wait a few minutes for your hosting access data.)

6.How to start setting up a website?

First you need to register WordPress hosting at: Do this according to the procedure described in the point 5 above.

Once you have a registered hosting service, you will receive hosting access data in an email. With this information you will be able to sign in to your dashboard and find the WordPress Install icon there.

Web hosting Cpanel

When you do all of this, visit the following url: and follow the video guide under point three. – 3. Setting up a blog.

If you want to set up a website, you can start working on it today. As you can see, we have a very simple step-by-step guides for you.

If you start setting up a website you will soon realize that it is not hard at all. – But fun.

We do not need special computer knowledge.

All we need is some will and desire to work.

Therefore: – Do it with passion or not at all!


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