The purpose of using social networks for bloggers

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are the largest social networks.

These days, social networks are extremely popular with both the younger and the older generation. As many as 3.2 billion people use them on a daily basis.

Average time that users spend on these sites daily is around 2 hours. Most individuals use social networks to: keep in touch with their friends online, learn about the latest news and events, waste their free time, find fun and engaging content.

These are the reasons why most individuals around the world use social networks on a daily basis. For what purpose do bloggers use social network will be revealed in the next part!

social networks for bloggers

For what purposes do bloggers use social networks:

To build a recognizable brand:

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter allow us to promote our blog to their audience. Because there are millions of users on these sites every day, we can build a highly recognizable brand if we take advantage of social networks.

Our blog can all of a sudden become recognizable. Once more people know about it, we will have better chances of good earnings. The final calculation is quite simple and the same for all online media.

It’s the same for bloggers as well as online giants. The more web visitors we attract and the more recognizable we are, the bigger earnings we can expect at the end of the month.

To increase confidence in the blog:

No matter what kind of services and products we sell on our blog, people will always end up wondering whether someone already bought them and tested them. The best point about social networks is that we can increase trust through these sites.

For example, if our blog has 1000 followers on social network Twitter and 1000 likes on Facebook then this will give us additional authority. We also build more confidence when we have comments under our posts and people share them.

The more active our site is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest social network , the more people will trust our services and products.

To get more email subscribers:

Email marketing is the most effective and cheapest online marketing tool. It is used by almost all small and large companies. Email marketing is also used by all successful bloggers.

Since this allows us to get email addresses from our visitors we can be in contact with them as long as they are subscribed to our newsletter. The best thing about social networks is precisely that there are plenty of targeted visitors on these sites.

Therefore we can bring visitors to our blog through social networks and start collecting emails from them in exchange for a free e-book, video lesson or free guide.

To communicate with followers for free:

Regular communication with blog followers has many advantages. Using social networks we are able to communicate with them more often.

We can help them with their questions. We can identify the areas where they have the most problems and therefore easily provide them with even better content on our blog.

You have probably heard of this saying: the more we give, the more we can expect back in return. This is certainly true with online business.



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