The Third Lesson – How to Gain Online Visitors

Today it is almost impossible to make money online without owning a blog which almost works as our own local store. But due to today’s rules it is still much easier to open your own blog compared to opening your own local store.

this is my third lesson

1.If we want to earn well with our local store we have to:
-Set the store up at a place where many people pass by.
-Have a great array of products and a starting capital to buy a large enough stock.
-Have enough time as we'll be the ones serving our customers.
-Have enough capital to start our own company.
2.If we want to start earning by blogging we need:
-To create a blog and use it to promote products that people need.
-To learn how to attract visitors to our blog.
-We don't need a lot of time and money to start with. When we start earning some money we can then start re-investing into our business and thus create an even bigger income.
-At least one hour of spare time a day – we don't need much more as the system is automated. (The blog can host more than 1000 people at once).
-If we use our blog only for advertising and don't actually allow people to make payments, we don't need to own a company. (After transactions we have to get a form at the financial administration and file it).


So that’s something I have to say about today’s world.

Blogging is surely business of the future as it allows us to have spare time and the possibility to expand. We can always create more and more blogs and thus earn more every month but we still need to bring in enough visitors if we want to do so.

It is almost a rule that shopping centers turn over the biggest amounts of money as most of the people visits them everyday.

The same rule applies to blogging – if we have a good offer on our blog we will earn more if we get more visitors.

So if we want to start earning by blogging we have to think about how to gain enough online visitors!

We can do so in multiple ways:
-One of the free methods is using the browser Google as it helps us gain one to two thousand of free visitors every month but the amount can also increase to ten thousand. All we have to do is to is get as many websites as possible to post a link redirecting people to our website.
-We can also pay and use Google Adwords. All we have to do to start advertising is to register and create our own Adwords account.
-We can also gain free visitors by using Facebook. Besides that, we can also pay for ads.

My tips on how to gain visitors via Facebook!

1.The free method:

For the free method, you have to join as many communities that are somehow related to our blog. If our blog talks about weight loss we have to join communities where members are trying to lose weight which can help us gain more than 1000 free visitors every day as larger communities can have more than 100 thousand members.

(If we want those members to visit our blog we have to post one of our articles they can follow in the chosen groups).



2.Payable method:

If we want to gain cheap visitors we can use Facebook ads which can be set in different ways. We can target only certain people, depending on their gender, age, occupation, interests and marital status.

If we know how to target the right group, Facebook ads can certainly bring us good traffic. The most successful bloggers use even 5000$ per day to post Facebook ads but their blogs are so well set up they still double their investment.

However, we can still start with a minimal investment. We can spend just 5 dollars a day to advertise and still get the results that we want. All we have to do to start advertising is to find a button ‘create an ad’ on Facebook.

I always suggest that you set up your blog first and don’t start advertising before its well designed as you can lose money otherwise. Before we start to post ads we have to create a successful blog. (More about that will be shared in my email newsletter).

If you don’t use Facebook at all you can still gain visitors by using other methods like advertising via the browser Google. You can gain visitors by simply sharing your page on other websites. I got other blog owners to share a redirecting link to my website on their blogs which allowed to me bring great traffic to my own.

More about how to gain free visitors will be discussed shortly. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss out on any of my articles. ?



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