Top 5 affiliate programs

I will use this article to present 5 top affiliate programs and information on how to choose the right one for your blog.

Let’s start!

top 5 affiliate programs


ClickBank is one of the best-known affiliate program. Who doesn’t know it? More than 100,000 individuals have already created an account and some make really good money using it. However, there are still many people who lacked motivation and just gave everything up.

The most successful users make multiple hundreds of dollars a day. The payments are made through cheque or bank transfer.

A good part about ClickBank is the fact that it features thousands and thousands of different products. The choice is huge and we can choose any product to promote on our blog.

No matter the theme of our blog we can always find at least some products that can somehow benefit our readers. This partner website is the perfect choice when we want to use our blog to sell informational products which need some more work.

(Physical products don’t require as much work, but they also give us a lower sales fee.)


If you haven’t heard of this website before you should definitely take a look as it features some nice informational products.

The website is suitable for those who want to use their blog to promote informational products and make some good money. The layout of the entire website is really nice and we can take a look at product analytics that shows how well the product sells.

One of the benefits of this website is the fact that we can see how many returns a certain product got. If we choose a product that gets many returns we certainly won’t be able to make any good money.

DealGuardian is another trusted affiliate program where payments are made every 10 days through PayPal.


MoreNiche is another affiliate programs that is worth looking at. Once we register on their website we can start promoting thousands and thousands of physical products that include products related to: beauty, bodybuilding, health and weight loss. Those are products that sell well online.

If our blog focuses on weight loss this website allows us to make good money as their products mostly give us a 40% commission which is around 50$ on average.

The affiliate program is suitable for those who focus their blog on weight loss, beauty, health and bodybuilding.

A good part of this website is also the fact that every registered user has a dedicated mentor that can answer any of your questions.

The earnings are paid out in dollars, pounds or euros and we can choose among different payment methods. They offer payments through the following providers: Skrill, Bitcoin, Paxum, Payoneer or direct bank transfer.

4.Amazon Associates:

Amazon Associates is another great partnership program that allows us to cooperate with the online store Amazon which is one of the most used online stores in the entire world which makes 1000$ every second.

People spend more and more money online and since Amazon is a known and trusted website they like to make their purchases there. If we join the partnership program we have the possibility to promote millions of different products.

We can choose to promote 10 dollar USB drives or a watch for 30,000 dollars. Sales commissions are somewhere between 3 and 10 percent.

If we choose to promote more expensive products we can make some nice money but we need to have the right approach in any case.

The website is suitable for those who want to sell physical products. You need to take your time to browse the website and choose the products you wish to promote.

The most important part is to find a well-selling product and have enough blog visitors that might make a purchase.


NaturalRevenue is a partner website worth investing your time into. It is suitable for those who focus their blog on beauty and health.

Natural supplements are what people are often searching for. The market itself is worth more than 60 billions of dollars.  NaturalRevenue features some of the best-selling products of this kind.

If our blog thus focuses on health you can definitely benefit as the market is more popular every day as everyone wants to be beautiful and healthy.

…And that is it!…

Those are the 5 best affiliate programs that we can join.

However, the first step is to create our own blog.

If you haven’t done so yet, you can take a look at the guide here in my article.

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