3 Top plugins to speed up your blog on platform WordPress

Is your blog set up on the WordPress Platform? … And is your blog slow?

Would you like your blog to work faster?

If your answer to all questions is affirmative, you are in the right place!

Right here in the next 60 seconds you will get to know…

 3 Top plugins that will help you speed up your blog:

WordPress Plugin WP Fastest Cache
WP Fastest Cache

1.WP Fastest Cache:

WP Fastest Cache is one of the best plugins. If not the very best. It works on the cache system. This is a system that creates a static html file from our site and saves it.

If there are many online visitors visiting your site at the same time, the performance of your site will be slow, because in this case, the web hosting system uses a lot of RAM and CPU.

In this situation, the WP Fastest Cache plugin extremely accelerates working of our blog, as many visitors come to the saved static html page, thus reducing the use of RAM and CPU.

 Using the plugin is easy. It contains purely simple settings, unlike other plugins that work on the cache system. The WP Fastest Cache is therefore suitable for beginners.

With some other plugins, there are many additional settings that can slow down the functioning of our blog if we set them incorrectly. For example, with W3 Total Cache plugin, some advance knowledge is required.

While WP Fastest Cache is also suitable for beginners. And a video guide on how to properly configure this plugin can also be found in our complete guide – How to start a blog.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization
Smush Image Compression and Optimization

2.Smush Image Compression and Optimization:

You should not forget about this plugin when you want to speed up your blog. We all know that the photo files take up the most space on our blog.

Therefore, when publishing photos, we must always publish them in smaller sizes and maybe even reduce their quality a bit. This will save us space.

All this can be done using this great plugin. Just try it and you will see that you will not regret it, as the use of the plugin is extremely easy and quick!

WP optimize
WP Optimize

3.WP -Optimize:

 This plugin is said to be one of the most commonly downloaded optimization plugins. With it, you can quickly and easily clean up your database.

If you do not already know, the WordPress platform on your blog stores: information about removed unapproved comments, removed articles and revisions or any updates of your articles.

Every time you want to update your published article and click the update button, the information will be saved. And later, when we have more than 100 such updates on our blog, our blog can start to work slower.

Therefore, in this case, the WP-Optimize plugin is very convenient, since it can clean up files that we no longer need on our blog. These only slow down your blog when uploading.

That’s it!

These are the top 3 plugins that will speed up your blog on the WordPress platform. Start using them today and you will be impressed by the speed of your blog along with your visitors!





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