Why is WordPress the best blogging platform?

We recommend WordPress for both beginners as well as expert bloggers. This platform provides you with everything that every blogger needs to build a successful blog!

wordpress the best blogging platform

WordPress Top 1 platform for blogging:

1.Simple, popular and free to use:

All beginners are promised that they will have no problems using it. Even if you only have basic knowledge of how to use your computer and the web, you will be able to set up your first blog using the WordPress platform and later easily update it.

Another good thing is that WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. Almost 30 % of all published pages on the web use WordPress. We see no reason why you shouldn’t use it for blogging too. You have nothing to lose because it is completely free to use.

2.Safe, advanced and offers the ability to design:

WordPress platform was presented to the public on 21.11.2005. It was designed by company Automattic Inc. This company has been web programming since August 2005. From the very beginning, their programming efforts have been focused on security, advanced design and beautiful design.

In August 2019, they had 940 employees. They have become recognized for WordPress platform that we can use for free today to set up a blog with every hosting provider. In September 2019, Automattic Inc. was valued at 3 billion American dollars.

3.It offers many plugins and themes:

To create a blog we have a number of plugins and themes available. They can be found and downloaded through the blog’s dashboard. And what is so good about it is that most of them are free.

By using new plugins and new themes, we can make our blog faster and have more beautiful design. Many themes give us plenty of features to refresh our blog. For example: uploading a logo, changing the font, changing the color of our links … And more and more could be listed.

4.Used by the most successful bloggers:

Many successful bloggers use the WordPress platform. Blogs are built on a variety of topics. Blogs are posted on every conceivable theme you can think of: fitness, finance, fashion, cuisine, cars, computer games, fishing, wilderness survival, camper vans, photography…etc.

Browse the web using different keywords and you will see that most blogs use the WordPress platform. When you are doing your research, you can use https://www.isitwp.com/ tool and see for yourself.

5.They provide assistance on their official page:

If you run into any problems setting up or editing a blog, you can ask for help on their forum. Simply any problems you are having on the forum and you will get useful answers in a matter of hours.

So if you are also interested in the WordPress platform, do not hesitate to check out their official site: https://wordpress.org/. There you can see what themes and plugins you can upload to your blog. You can read what you will gain from each installation. If you decide to use this platform, we definitely recommend that you register for hosting with SiteGround, because with them you will be able to start using WordPress platform as a beginner today.



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