The biggest psychological triggers for good sales and growth

It is a fact that in the modern time 4,5 billions of users use the internet. An average individual spends around 3 hours of spare time every day to browse the web which allows us to do everything – use social networks, browser or email each other.

The internet is simply the best place to spend our spare time and do our shopping which is a popular thing to do – many people don’t even use local stores anymore as they do their shopping purely online.

The web market of today is incredibly vast and proves to be a great tool to generate an income which is the most common among bloggers who try to convert their visitors into buyers.

Today’s article reveals 5 of the biggest psychological triggers that can be used on your blog to generate sales!

biggest psychological triggers for good growth

1.Tell the story: 

Use your blog posts to write about an interesting story or life experience. We all like listening to stories as they are interesting and can also teach us different things. We can use stories to build trust with our visitors. If they feel like they know us there is a bigger chance of them making a purchase on our blog compared to somewhere where they barely know the writer.

2.Show results:

If you use your blog to sell a certain product or service use your posts to show how the chosen product and/or service helps. Offer only good and quality products that truly work.

3.Build a brand:

Build a brand around your blog that will make you stand out. We all know that as people we like to buy the things we know the best. While shopping we often skip the price tag and only look at the brand. If you want to generate a good income online make sure your readers know you for your quality, kindness, and reliability.

4.Show them the chance:

When posting an ad for a product or service make sure you use your post to show all the positive sides of making the purchase or a certain product. Make sure to show your readers how their life will improve after making a purchase. You can also tell them what they’re missing out on if they don’t make the purchase.

5.Be persistent:

Be persistent and build on quality all the time. Your readers should only get the best content. If your readers love you for that reason you have nothing to worry about. You’re headed in the right direction.

And that is it! That is the right way that will bring you great sales online so use it!


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