Email marketing for great income online

Today we will discuss email marketing and making money online.

Email marketing presents a tool that we use alongside our blog. We can use it to multiply our income by 10 times as is makes it possible to be in more personal contact with our potential customers compared to blog visitors, who we are in contact with only when they visit our site which can be multiple times a day or just once a year.

If we want to create an online income the first thing we have to do is to gather the email addresses of our visitors so we can contact them.

2,8 billions of individuals have emails which is every fourth individual on Earth who uses the said address to communicate online and receive emails.

58% of those users check their email every morning.

That is also an important piece of information that tells us why email marketing is the best tool to work and make money online.


email marketing for income online

Let me tell you a few interesting things about email and email marketing:

(81% of worldwide companies use email to do their business.)

If you own a blog you should also use your email to create a profit.

A well-set email campaign can mean:

-A single email contact can be worth 12-24 dollars a year.

-You gain instant results. You can reimburse your ad revenue immediately.

-Everything is automated; emails and email marketing work 24 hours every day of the year.

All we have to do is set it up.

Email marketing means one thing; the more subscribers you have, the bigger the revenue at the end of the month.

If we truly want to create an email marketing income, we have to:

-Have a well-designed blog.

Well designed email marketing.

That means we have a lot of work to do before we get the first payment. Before getting the result we want we have to spend some hours working hard at a computer.

Everything needs a lot of testing and requires spending money but, once everything is finished, we will finally create the income that we want.

Your hard work will pay off. Once everything is set up you’ll have a business that will be fully automated.

At that point, you can only work a few hours a week and still generate a great income. If you decide to re-invest into ads and gain more email subscribers, you will just increase your income.

So that is what I have to say about making money online. I will discuss more about it soon.




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