How to get traffic to your website – Complete guide for beginners

If you want to get online earnings, all you have to do, is perform in practice all the steps I mention in my complete guide. In the end, when all the steps are done, you can start working on attracting online visitors. This is the last step to perform and finally achieve online earnings with this process.

Complete guide for beginners on how to attract visitors to the blog:

Remember that the more quality visitors you have on your blog, the higher are your chances of earnings at the end of the month. The same math applies not only to bloggers but also largest online giants.

That’s why it is worthwhile to work in this area. You can attract online visitors through: social media, Ad networks or SEO, using free or paid method. If you read the entire article, you’ll learn all the details about how you can start getting online visitors today!

1.Social Media:


Free way: If you want to get free visitors through Facebook social network, you need to log in to Facebook groups that are relevant to the topic of your blog. You must join groups with more than 500 active members. Once you join a group, you can get visitors by publishing an article from your blog every second or third day.

Paid way: You can start with paid advertising in a matter of minutes. First you have to set up a Facebook page and then create some posts that you want to promote. Then you can start advertising right away by clicking the Create Ads button in the top right corner of your Facebook page.  


Free way: First, create a Twitter profile using the name of your blog, add professional profile description, and add your url address. Then publish some tweets with links to your published blog articles. You can get free visitors by typing keywords that are relevant to the theme of your blog, into Twitter search engine. For example: i want to lose weight, i want a second job. Then find people who use these keywords in their tweets and connect with them.

Paid way: For paid advertising you have to have an active Twitter profile. You must have at least 30 tweets and at least 100 followers. Your Twitter profile should look perfect before you even start advertising. You start by clicking the Twitter Ads button and then immediately start by setting up your first ad campaign. Website leads you throughout the process, but if you need additional help with setting up the campaign, you can contact their support team.  

2.Ad networks:


Paid way: You can register your account on Outbrain and then start advertising with native ads. To create such ads, you need an attractive photo and an attractive article title. In this way, we can attract quality visitors very cheaply. Our ads can appear on more than one million relevant web pages that are used by plenty of visitors each day.

Google ads:

Paid way: You start advertising on Google search engine by making your own Gmail account and signing into Google Ads. Then you can immediately start making your first campaign. You can specify keywords for which ads will be shown in Google search engine. They lead you throughout the entire process of setting up a campaign and in the end you just wait for confirmation of your ad.


Free way: SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process where we attract online visitors for free via Google, Bing and Yahoo search engine. This is a lengthy process, but if we are persistent and constant, we can achieve excellent results with it. But before that, it’s very important to target a profitable keyword with low competition. We can use KWFinder tool to find such a keyword. In addition, if you want to get visitors to your blog via SEO, you should read this simple guide for beginners. 

Final advice for getting online visitors:

Through social networks we target people that like pages relevant to the theme of our blog. In Ad networks we set up ads only for pages that are about same theme as our blog. We advertise with Google ads only on keywords entered by our potential customers. With SEO, we only work on keywords that are entered by potential buyers.

The choice is entirely yours. You can get quality visitors through each method we mentioned. The question is which channel or platform you like best. For example, if you are more familiar with Twitter, then opt for attracting visitors via this channel. If Google search engine suits you better, pick the method that includes getting visitors through Google.

If you want to convert online visitors to customers, ask yourself once again if you are attracting people who are interested in exactly what you offer on your blog. Then consider whether you have a good landing page and if you collect email addresses from visitors. If you have all this arranged, you can easily get your first online sale. If you have not arranged this yet, you can learn everything in today’s webinar lead by blogger Mark Ling.

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