Is blogging freedom ?

Do you wonder if blogging is freedom? … And are you particularly interested in what kind of freedom do you have in your life once blogging becomes your primary job?

Yes .. If you are wondering about this, I can best answer this question with my picture below. (My picture tells you over 1000 words)!

My morning walk around the lake:

My morning walk around the lake

(When early in the morning, others are rushing to green lights and counting minutes in order not to miss  a job, I am free to walk around the lake.)

That’s what blogging offers me today! And if this is not freedom, then I really do not know what it would be? For me, this is absolute freedom that I can work anytime and anywhere I want.

How can blogging allow me more free time?

Blogging gives me more free time than 9/5 job gives to my neighbour, because blogging is a modern way of work where the system works for you and not you for it.

From the beginning, you have a little more work to set up a blog, but later on when you have a proper blog, it works for you 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

You just have to maintain the blog which takes minimal amount of time. You can spend about four to eight hours per week to maintain a blog. For additional hours, you can work on new projects and thus increase your earnings.

All you have to do for blog maintenance is to just post at least 2 new articles per month and to attract web visitors at all times. Your blog takes care of all the rest. A completely automated blog can serve 100 people at a time. – (This is the reason you have more free time with online work and a better chance of better earnings.)

This is closing thought about bloggig

What do you think, do you want to work online and have more time for yourself?

If this is your wish, let me tell you that nobody can stop you from achieving it. Only you are the one who can accomplish your goals. The fact is that everyone can stop himself halfway or reach their goals.

If you 100% want to achieve something in your life that others cannot, then I recommend that you learn from the best and then use this knowledge in practice.

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