What to do right now to Boost your Google rankings? – 5 SEO Tactics

Do you wish to find out what to do right now to boost your ranking on Google search engine?

What works? And what does not work?….

There are many questions about this today and everyone has their opinion. We can get thousands of different answers to these questions.

But in our blog we will give you an answer based on what has worked for us. And if it worked for us, it should work for you too!

That’s it! These are our…


Boost your ranking on Google
Number 1 SEO Tactics:

1.Write a very good article:

The first thing that you should not overlook is that your content is really top-notch. The more quality articles you have on your blog, the better for you.

Content must be 100% unique. You need to provide useful information in each article. The article must offer us the most relevant and accurate information.

2.Do not drag it out, cut to the chase:

Be aware that nobody wants to watch a video or read an article in which there are 500 preface words. If we do not learn anything in these first words, it does not bring good user experience.

Make a nice article structure. At the beginning of the article, people should feel that they are in the right place. They need to feel that they will get the best information here. At the beginning of the article, promise them this and then actually deliver!

3.Update your old content:

Google and all other search engines love fresh content. There is nothing better than online search engines providing their users with fresh and accurate content.

This is something that users want to gain, so be sure to oblige them. You can update your old content on your blog which would certainly benefit you!

4.Use the keywords in a natural way:

In articles, it is very important that you use keywords in a non-intrusive way. The keyword must be inserted in an entirely natural way in the article.

The same applies to article titles. They must be unique and relevant to a particular keyword. With the title, we need to address our targeted audience well. We’ll get a better CTR because of it- Click-through rate

5.Promoting a blog:

We should not forget about promotion. The more we promote our blog, the more popular it will be for web search engines, and thus our articles will get better ranking in the search results.

In order to get good positions on Google search engine under a particular keyword, we need to publish as many links to our articles on other relevant blogs.

When building links, we need to create a natural link profile. This is achieved if we use a different anchor text on each page for our links. (Click here, more here, the keyword we want to rank, the keyword + extra keywords…)

That would be it!

These are the best SEO tactics!

Try to use them on your blog and you’ll see that this will improve your ranking on the Google search engine.

It will take some time before your articles start to rank properly on Google search engine. You need to know that the results do not show up overnight.

However, it’s worthwhile to insist, because in the long run, you can attract 10,000 online visitors with these SEO tactics every month. Visitors will be coming through Google and other search engines free of charge.



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